Children have developing immunity and are susceptible to severe outcomes of mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, or chikungunya.[2-6]

  • 95% of severe dengue occurs in the those aged under 15 years.[4] In dengue, younger children show more severe symptoms of abdominal pain or persistent vomiting, or difficulty breathing. [5]

  • In chikungunya children are at risk of seizures, altered levels of consciousness, blindness and even paralysis [6]

  • Over 70% of malaria deaths worldwide occur in children below 5 years of age[2]. The complications of malaria are impaired consciousness, seizures, vomiting, respiratory distress, and even sepsis.[7]

Your young patients need protection when they are out playing or even going to school.

Goodknight’s 100% natural Fabric Roll-On provides superior protection from mosquito bites outdoors.

Your prescription has the power to protect.

Recommend Fabric Roll-On to protect your patients against the 3X higher risk of mosquito bites outdoors.[1]


  • Advise your patient to apply four coin-sized dots on clothes before stepping outdoors.

  • It can be applied around bed, prams, and strollers too.

Fabric Roll-On is safe to use:
Certificate on dermatological safety by Apollo Research and Innovations

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