Fabric Roll-On:

Can Goodknight Fabric Roll-On be applied directly on the skin?

Goodknight Fabric Roll-On has been designed to work on fabric. It does not have any known adverse effects if applied on the skin. However, few people might be allergic to its contents. If you get any irritation, please wash affected area with soap and water. If problem continues, please consult a doctor.


Can one use Goodknight Fabric Roll-On when pregnant?

Yes, one can use Goodknight Fabric Roll-On when pregnant.


Is Goodknight Fabric Roll-On safe to use for pets?

Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is 100% natural, made of plant-based oils, and has been tested on multiple fabrics. For pets, we would recommend using this on their collar fabric.


Is Goodknight Fabric Roll-On scent safe for asthmatics?

Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is made of plant-based oils such as citronella and eucalyptus. Some of us are sensitive to fragrances and would get affected by its scent. In such cases, we suggest the product is avoided. In cases, where one may be tolerant to natural oils, we suggest applying the product on areas away from the nose.


What if my child somehow licks the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On?

Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is 100% natural. If a child licks the bottle or consumes the liquid, we recommend making the child gargle and rinse his/her mouth with water thoroughly. If the child still shows symptoms of discomfort, please treat as per symptoms.


Will Goodknight Fabric Roll-On cause any allergy if it accidentally touches the skin?

Goodknight Fabric Roll-On will not cause any skin allergy. However, few people might be allergic to its contents. If you get any irritation, please wash affected area with soap and water.


Goodknight Fabric Roll-On has been classified as per Ayurvedic Medicine. May I know why?

Goodknight Fabric Roll-On contains plant-based oils such as citronella and eucalyptus, which makes it an ayurvedic formula, as per Ayurvedic Medicine Law.


How different are Goodknight Patches from others in the market?

Goodknight Patches are 100% Natural, made of plant based ingredients like Citronella Oil, Eucalyptus Oil. These are safe for babies and offer protection 8 hours against awful mosquito bites. Goodknight Patches are made of non-toxic materials and have superior 3M Adhesive to ensure that there is no irritation or stains on removal.


Are Goodknight Patches available in different colours or designs?

Goodknight Patches are available in amazing designs which kids will love! Currently, there are 7 colourful designs available.


How do you use the Goodknight Patches?

Goodknight Patches are simple to use. Open a pouch and remove two patches. Apply both patches on clothes, one each on upper and lower body. Goodknight Patches can also be stuck to prams, strollers and other places.  Use more patches in case of higher infestation.


Does Goodknight Patches stain clothes when removed?

Goodknight Patches are made of superior quality fabric and 3M adhesive that ensures no stains on clothes.


Can we use only one Goodknight Patch at a time? Will it be less effective?

Goodknight Patches have been designed to offer complete protection against mosquitoes. It is advisable to use two patches – one on lower body and one on upper body for better efficacy.


Can Goodknight Patches be used directly on skin?

Goodknight Patches are used for sticking on clothes, prams, cradle, cots. We suggest not to use it on skin directly as peeling off the patch may hurt the skin.

Cool Gel:

How does Goodknight Cool Gel work?

Goodknight Cool Gel contains Diethylbenzamide or DEBA. DEBA masks body odour to which mosquitoes are attracted to.


How do you use the Goodknight Cool Gel?

Advise the patient to take some gel on the palm and apply it over arms, legs, neck, face, and other exposed skin uniformly. Avoid applying on mouth, lips, eyes, and over cuts or wounds.


How long will one pack of Goodknight Cool Gel tube and reusable sachet last?

It will depend on how much is used each time. On an average, using it on one person will ensure that the tube lasts for more than a month and the reusable sachet lasts for more than a week.


Is Goodknight Cool Gel effective if we apply this on our clothes?

This product has been designed to use on the skin. If you want to apply personal repellent on clothes you should check out the new Goodknight Fabric Roll On.


Can Goodknight Cool Gel be recommended to babies?

Goodknight Cool Gel can be used on babies above the age of two months.


Can one use Goodknight Cool Gel during pregnancy?

The formulation for each of our product is approved by FDA, where the product is evaluated with respect to the stringent parameters. However, the product is to be used at the doctor’s discretion for pregnant women.


What should I do if my patient accidentally swallows the Goodknight Cool Gel?

Make your patient gargle with water and treat symptomatically.


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