Pregnant women have suppressed immunity and are vulnerable to severe outcomes of mosquito-borne diseases.[3-5]

  • Pregnant women with malaria have 3.1 times greater risk of preterm labour. [6]
    Malaria during pregnancy can cause severe maternal complications like anaemia, abortion, premature labour, congenital malaria, low-birth weight in neonates, still-births, and even maternal death.[7-8]

  • Dengue during pregnancy can lead to complications such as pre-eclampsia, preterm labour, and increased risk of caesarean section, and foetal transmission. Severe illness can also cause miscarriages and still-births. [4-9]

  • Chikungunya during pregnancy may lead to virus transmission at birth, transplacental transmission before birth, congenital malformations, stillbirths, growth restriction, and preterm delivery.[5]

Pregnant women need protection from mosquito bites when they are outdoors.

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  • Advise pregnant women to apply four coin-sized dots on clothes before stepping outdoors.

Fabric Roll-On is safe to use:
Certificate on dermatological safety by Apollo Research and Innovations

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