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Goodknight | Stay Home, Stay Protected

Stay at home but don’t forget to stay protected and have some fun, while you’re at it. Some of our employees aka new superstars, made it their mission to remind you of this message. Watch the video featuring our very own, from the Goodknight family.

इतर मोहिमा

World Malaria Day #ZeroMalariaStartsWithYou Campaign

Let’s pledge to make India Malaria free. Goodknight helps protect your family from mosquitoes. This World Malaria Day, share this video and take your pledge as #ZeroMalariaStartsWithYou

Goodknight | Rakshabandhan 2019 Campaign

Goodknight and Shiksha came together to protect the sibling bond with a Rakhi that kept mosquitoes away. Watch the video to see how it all came together.

Goodknight Green Shakti Coil

Homework or dinner, Goodknight Green Shakti will protect all moments from mosquitoes. Made with natural and active molecules, it is a powerful repellent that emits low smoke. It’s just what you need at home.

Goodknight Neem Agarbatti | Incense Drawing Film

Wished for a long-lasting agarbatti?
GoodKnight Neem Agarbatti burns for 3 hours and drives mosquitoes away!
It is 100% natural with the power of Neem & Haldi.

Goodknight Green Shakti Coil Lagao. Monsoon Manao

Now you can repel even the most notorious monsoon mosquitoes outdoors, with Goodknight.

Goodknight Activ+ lagao. Macchar bhagao. Monsoon manao

Now you can repel even the most notorious monsoon mosquitoes outdoors, with Goodknight.

Goodknight | Monsoon with Neem Agarbatti

Now you can repel even the most notorious monsoon mosquitoes outdoors, with Goodknight.

Goodknight Fabric Roll-On lagao, Monsoon manao

Now you can repel even the most notorious monsoon mosquitoes outdoors, with Goodknight.

Goodknight Gold Flash | Dhapak Dhapak campaign

अब छिपे मच्छरों के पास छिपने की कोई जगह नहीं! भारत का सबसे शक्तिशाली लिक्विड वेपराइज़र – गुडनाइट गोल्ड फ्लैश, नज़र आने वाली फ्लैश वेपर्स छोड़ता है जो आपके घर के हरेक कोने में पहुंचे. इसका इंटेलिजेंट हीटर सिस्टम हर ४ घंटे में ३० मिनट के लिए ऑटोमैटिकली फ्लैश मोड पर चला जाता है और फिर वापस नॉर्मल मोड में आ जाता है. तो अब, मच्छरों को धपाक-धपाक.

Mother’s Day 2019 #MomsOnActivMode Campaign

Their reasons are many, your attention is a must! They call out to you because, on you, they can trust! Us calling out to all #MomsOnActivMode, this Mother’s Day.

Fast Card kare padhai se dhyan hataane waale maccharo ko fattack se furr!

A child can get distracted within minutes, but it takes him at least an hour to regain his concentration. There are so many distractions around your child while studying. Some cannot be controlled, however some distractions like mosquitoes can be evaded. Therefore, we decided to launch the Fast Card Fast Kid campaign that educates mothers about the fickle nature of a child’s concentration and how Fast Card helps children concentrate better by getting rid of distracting mosquitoes. Fast Card Fast Kid also has a 24×7 number that encourages children to study through tips & contests by offering scholarships and ensuring that all children receive the necessary guidance to do well in their lives

सुबा बोलो गुड नाईट

85% Indians are aware that Dengue can be life threatening. 90% Indians are unaware that the mosquitoes that bite primarily during the day cause Dengue. Only 8% Indians use repellents during the daytime when the Dengue mosquitoes are the most active. Armed with this insight, Good knight has embarked on a journey to raise awareness of the Dengue mosquitoes prevalent during the daytime which will help the people to take necessary precautions in the day time as well thus, protecting themselves and their families from Dengue.

मुलांचे खेळाचे दिवस

Kids today surely have a number of options to be entertained by like-Superman, Chota Bheem, etc. But are those the only friends you want your child to have? The real joy of childhood is enjoying the outdoors. Watch this video and meet your child’s new best friend- GK Fabric Roll-On. With just 4 dots, let them Khulke jiyo ghar ke bahar!


Children today, are more into indoor games than outdoor games. Do you know why? It is all Santa’s fault! Santa brings new gifts for the children every year thereby restricting outdoor play. Therefore we launched a new campaign #GiftTheOutdoors encouraging parents to let their child enjoy the outdoors, without the fear of mosquitoes.

व्हॅलेंटाईन डे

It is Valentine’s Day, the season of love and even kids have been struck by the cupid! They have fallen in love with the outdoors! We launched a 360 degree video, which went up as a contest, asking parents to spot their kid’s favourite outdoor toy. Check out this video to know more #LoveTheOutdoors

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