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Electronic Mosquito Repellent: The Latest Technology To Fight Mosquitoes

There is a huge rise in dengue, chikungunya and other mosquito-borne diseases, and people are trying different techniques to get rid of mosquitoes. Traditionally, only coils were available for protection from mosquitoes. Now with the advancement in technology, there are many options available to the consumer in the market.


Goodknight’s Activ+ System and Xpress System offer the best technology to guard your family against mosquitoes. These electric mosquito repellents make sure you and your family are protected during the day and night. A liquid vaporizer (LV) can be an excellent way to get rid of mosquitoes – they are not harmful in any way, but quite inexpensive and very easy to use.


These electronic repellents are best for indoor use. Dubbed as the ‘Activ+ System’ and ‘Xpress System’, these mosquito repellent LVs make sure you enjoy uninterrupted moments of happiness by keeping mosquitoes at bay.


The first electronic mosquito repellent is the Goodknight Activ+ System. The Activ+ System has a very user-friendly technology. Basically, it consists of 2 modes – the Normal mode and the Activ mode. When there are less mosquitoes in your home, the repellent can be kept on the Normal mode. But if you’re having a terrible time due to too many mosquitoes, then you can switch on the Activ mode to stay protected from those pesky mosquitoes.


Let us have a look at how to operate these mosquito repellents –


Step 1: Unlock the Activ+ cartridge

Step 2: Load the Activ+ cartridge into the machine – this is basically the mosquito repellent liquid

Step 3: Plug the Activ+ system into an electric socket and switch it on

Step 4: Relax and let the Activ+ system work its action


If you’re not satisfied with the Activ+ System then go for the Goodknight Xpress System, which is technologically superior. Its Xpress mode doubles the power of the instant action liquid repellent to provide fast relief within 9 minutes and gets rid of mosquitoes without any instalments.


The Xpress System machine is also operated the same way as the Activ+ system.


People often have certain misconceptions and reservations when it comes to using LVs. Some people may be worried that the liquid vapor from these machines may cause some harm to the body, but this is not the case with Goodknight. All the mosquito repellents from Goodknight are tested for quality and are absolutely safe for use around kids and family. You will not feel any ill effects even if you leave the machine on for the whole day. Use these electronic repellents to ward off mosquitoes and protect yourself from diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria.


Prevention is always better than cure! So bring home one of Goodknight’s electronic repellents and keep yourself and your family protected from mosquitoes at all times.

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