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Know About Diseases April 1, 2018

Is There A Vaccine For Dengue?

Dengue fever, also known as the breakbone fever, is a viral mosquito-borne disease which is a frequent occurrence in countries that have a humid climate. That is why people living in India are more prone to this disease.


It is estimated that 390 million new infections are caused every year, and most of them prove to be fatal. The need for a vaccine has been felt globally, especially in the endemic areas, which brings us to a very important question:


Is there a vaccine for dengue?


Yes and no.


Yes, because a trial vaccine is being used in some parts of South America.


No, because it is still in the trial phase and it will be a while before it comes to India in its fullest form.


About the vaccine

The first dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia or CYD-TDV was created after two decades of research and trials undertaken under the vaccines division of the Pharmaceutical company, Sanofi. It is in injected 3 times a year – in the first month when the infant is born, then when the infant is 6 and 12 months old respectively.





Can this vaccine be used everywhere?

It is approved for usage in countries that are endemic to the dengue fever – Mexico, Philippines, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Guatemala, Peru and Indonesia.


This is because the WHO (World Health Organisation) has recommended that the vaccine should be limited to places where the dengue virus is common as unnecessary use can increase the risk of this fever in people who have never been infected before.


Is the vaccine fool-proof?

No, Dengvaxia is not the perfect solution. It is still in the trial phase and does not completely prevent the disease; it just reduces the risk of developing the fever. It is approved for use only in people between the age group of 9 to 45 years. It is hardly useful in infants, children or the elderly as their immune systems are weak, putting them at the highest risk of getting the fever.


Are there any dengue vaccines available in India?

At present, there aren’t any effective solutions for dengue vaccination in India. The vaccine, Dengvaxia was tested here but the results proved that it did not work well. At present, all other vaccines being developed around the world are in their trial stage. But even though there aren’t any dengue vaccines available, there are other ways to protect yourself against dengue.


Dengue Prevention Tips

Considering there are no given ways to get rid of dengue, it is advisable to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Read up on these dengue protective measures here.


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