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Understand Mosquitoes December 7, 2017

The Good Old Trusted Mosquito Coils To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

I still remember those cool, breezy nights at Nani’s house, when we used to endlessly chatter and doze off on the terrace. Thankfully, during those days there was no fear of life – neither from humans nor from mosquitoes. Yes, mosquitoes too! Courtesy: Nani’s age-old trusted mosquito coils that allowed us a dreamy, relaxing and peaceful sleep at night.


Fast forward to the 20th century – two decades later, mosquito repellent coils are still one of the most trusted ways to get rid of mosquitoes. With our grannies still swearing by them, coils are effective not just in villages and small towns but also in the metros. Despite the advancement in technology and a host of other electric and non-electronic mosquito repellents and killers available, mosquito killer coils are easily the most tried and tested form of repelling mosquitoes across many parts of the country. They are also popular accompaniments during campfires and jungle trips.


So what makes mosquito coils so popular amongst people? Why is it that coil is the first option that comes to mind when we think about ‘how to get rid of mosquitoes?’ The answer is simple – mosquito coils are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to keep away mosquitoes even today. They provide long-lasting protection, giving you an uninterrupted and a peaceful night.


While some people trust the efficacy of coils in battling disease-causing mosquitoes, the smoke factor often becomes a deterrent against its use for many others. When assessing the risks posed by mosquito coils, it is important to consider what is released by the smoldering product and the serious issues it imposes on the body. Goodknight has fixed this problem once and for all with its Activ+ Low Smoke Coil that ensures 12-hour protection with very less smoke emission.


The mosquito coils are hugely popular in the rural regions; it does not need any electricity to function. It is still one of the most trusted products from Goodknight. Mosquito coils are widely used in Asia, Africa, South America, Canada and Australia.


Goodknight’s coils also comply with the safety regulations laid down by the Central Insecticide Board, which means they are safe to use for your entire family. These mosquito repellent coils come without any extra apparatus and require no electricity. While indoors, they can easily be lit up and be placed under the cot or under a table to keep them away from kids.


They could also be used outdoors like on a terrace or a patio.

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