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The Most Effective And Safe Mosquito Repellent For Your Babies

Babies are often called “mosquito magnets” as they are extremely vulnerable to mosquito bites. One of the most nightmarish experiences for a mother would be seeing her baby covered in red scars & rashes. As babies cannot express the fact that they’re in pain, it’s every mommy’s constant worry to keep her child safe from any sort of trouble, including mosquito bites.


When we talk about mosquito repellent for babies, the dilemma is always between choosing an effective repellent that would also be safe for our little ones. If you speak to any of your elders at home, they will swear by natural mosquito repellents, such as cloves in lime, yeast extract spread and tea tree oils. However, there is no conclusive evidence to prove that these are the safest yet most effective mosquito repellents. So, what’s the solution here?


Goodknight’s wide range of mosquito repellents for babies

Goodknight offers a range of options that are not just effective mosquito repellent for kids, but are also natural and safe for babies’ sensitive skin. Goodknight Patches are a superb choice for this. Packed with the goodness of pure natural oils of citronella and eucalyptus, they need to be applied only on the baby’s clothing. Simply apply one patch on the upper body and one patch on the lower body. This ensures protection from all kinds of mosquitoes for upto 8 hours, including those that spread mosquito-borne diseases like Dengue, Malaria & Chikungunya. For infants, these patches could also be applied on cribs, prams or strollers.


Another very effective and safe mosquito repellent for babies is the Goodknight Cool Gel. This non-sticky gel with the goodness of aloe vera, comes with a pleasant fragrance and is certified by paediatricians. Goodknight Cool Gel can be safely applied all over the exposed skin of your child, including arms, legs, neck and face. It should, however, be avoided on eyes, lips, mouth and over cuts or wounds.


While Goodknight Patches & Goodknight Cool Gel are generally used for small babies while taking them outdoors, the Goodknight Activ+ System will keep all your loved ones safe from mosquito bites while indoors. Depending on the mosquito infestation, you can either switch on Normal Mode when there are few mosquitoes & Activ Mode when there are many mosquitoes. The mild fragrance ensures that it doesn’t irritate your baby’s nose, so that you and your baby can enjoy a peaceful night of sleep.

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