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Reviews And Testimonials December 15, 2016

Time To Put The Screens Away And Celebrate #ChildrensPlayday Every Day!

Let me be honest, with two kids both under 5, I have had enough. The day the kids are at home, I find my palm strangely empty. That’s because my phone, something I paid very good money for, is always missing; nay always being taken away from my hands. My older son either plays games or takes pictures. If he gets bored of that, then it is time to ask Google questions that churn through his four year-old mind. My younger one has already started swiping and to be honest, I am just scared. I am so tired of always playing the bad cop when it comes to technology and screens!


#ChildrensPlayday Every day is an amazing message that Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is driving through this video



This video made me realize that it is time to stop taking the easy way out and ensure that my children spend at least two hours playing outdoors with their friends. We need to understand that playing outdoors with kids from all walks of life exposes your child to learning how to deal with life itself. One ball can teach kids life lessons. Sharing, coexisting, being nice are all lessons critical to today’s world and we are definitely robbing our children of these lessons. Playing outdoors will expose them to the real world – literally and figuratively. They can spend hours on their tablets learning and watching videos about nature, but nothing can beat an hour outdoors when they can actually witness nature at its best!


Encourage your children to go out and play!

It is the constant nagging and restricting which drives kids to abandon outdoor play and drives them back indoors glued to their screens. If your child needs a little push to play outside, get them to go on a treasure hunt. Give them a list of things and ask them to find it in the garden. My kids enjoy role-playing, so if yours do too then give them swords, capes and ask them to pretend to be superheroes.


Nothing is too much if you can get them to play outdoors at least for an hour every day.  


Like mentioned in the video – Ek, do, teen, char, khulke khelo ghar ke bahar.

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