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Know About Diseases April 1, 2018

What’s The Rate Of Dengue Cases In India?

The mosquito-borne disease dengue fever is caused by the bite of a female Aedes mosquito infected by one of the four different strains of the dengue virus. These mosquitoes usually breed in tropical and subtropical regions and in places where stagnant water is easily available which is why there is a significant rise in dengue cases during monsoon. Let’s take a closer look at dengue cases in India.



Dengue cases in India

In India, dengue fever was first reported in 1946 and the first outbreak was reported in 1963 in Kolkata. Between the year 2010 to 2016, there have been 366,561 cases on average every year. This upward trend in the number of dengue cases in India can be traced to uncontrolled population growth, unplanned urbanization, lack of general hygiene leading to a greater number of stagnant water resources.


Dengue infection is a major health problem in our country, with all four serotypes (DENV 1-4) circulating in India and straining the limited resources of the public health system.





The repeated outbreaks in the country have been reported in various states namely Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Haryana, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Pondicherry, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Chandigarh.


Improper disposal of water and sewage are responsible for the rise in the number of mosquitoes and the subsequent rise in the number of dengue cases in the country.


To know more about the dengue fever incidents in India, read up on this full research study here.


Preventive Measures Against Dengue

As dengue fever is spread through the bite of the infected female Aedes mosquitoes, the first step towards preventing dengue fever is to protect yourself from being bitten by the mosquitoes.


Make sure to eliminate all sources of stagnant water in and around your home as they can act as breeding places for the female Aedes mosquitoes.


Use a personal repellent like Goodknight Fabric Roll-On. Apply just 4 dots on your clothes while going outdoors. This is made using 100% natural ingredients and ensures 8 hours of mosquito-protection.





Ensure your family’s safety indoors with the 2x power of Goodknight Activ+ System. One can choose between the Normal and Activ mode, depending on the number of mosquitoes. Use it even in the daytime as dengue mosquitoes mostly prefer to bite in the mornings and late afternoon.





For more information on the preventive measures against dengue, click here.


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