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Mother’s Day

Mother- the first person, every child calls out to & the one who caters to every need of her child. No matter how small or big the problem is, kids always remember their mother first. But why only Moms? The answer is simple- it is because moms are always on the Activ mode. On Mother’s Day, we launched a video to show the #MomsOnActivMode

Other Campaigns

Fast Card kare padhai se dhyan hataane waale maccharo ko fattack se furr!

A child can get distracted within minutes, but it takes him at least an hour to regain his concentration. There are so many distractions around your child while studying. Some cannot be controlled, however some distractions like mosquitoes can be evaded. Therefore, we decided to launch the Fast Card Fast Kid campaign that educates mothers about the fickle nature of a child’s concentration and how Fast Card helps children concentrate better by getting rid of distracting mosquitoes. Fast Card Fast Kid also has a 24×7 number that encourages children to study through tips & contests by offering scholarships and ensuring that all children receive the necessary guidance to do well in their lives

Subah Bolo GoodKnight

85% Indians are aware that Dengue can be life threatening. 90% Indians are unaware that the mosquitoes that bite primarily during the day cause Dengue. Only 8% Indians use repellents during the daytime when the Dengue mosquitoes are the most active. Armed with this insight, Goodknight has embarked on a journey to raise awareness of the Dengue mosquitoes prevalent during the daytime which will help the people to take necessary precautions in the day time as well thus, protecting themselves and their families from Dengue.

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