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Q1. How long does Chhotu refill last?+
Q2. Can I use Goodknight Chhotu refill in current machine at my house?+
Q3. Will my current refill work with Chhotu Machine?+
Q4. Does GoodKnight Chhotu protect against dengue, malaria and chikungunya?+
Q5. How long do I need to leave the machine on?+
Q1. Is it safe to use Goodknight Chhotu around my baby/kids/parents/pregnant woman?+
Q2. Will Goodknight Chhotu cause any allergy if it accidentally touches the skin?+
Q3. Are the vapours safe around baby/adults/parents/pregnant woman?+
Q1. When should the Goodknight Chhotu be used?+
Q2. What is the expiry date of Goodknight Chhotu System?+
Q3. How long do I need to keep the doors & windows closed once the machine is on?+
Q4. How do I switch on Flash mode?+
Q1. Where can I purchase Goodknight Chhotu System?-+
Q2. What is the MRP of Goodknight Chhotu?+

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