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How to Safely Kill Mosquitoes
Know About Diseases July 17, 2016

Be Protected With Goodknight

Your family’s happy moments are always protected at home, with no interruptions, no tensions, except one – pesky mosquitoes. But you can easily take the necessary precautions to avoid them and protect your happy moments. This article helps you to identify the potential breeding spots of mosquitoes & help get rid of them using specific types of repellents.


When you are having a leisure time with family in your balcony

Many people spend hours and hours with their loved ones on balconies, losing track of time.  That’s because a balcony is the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones whether it is sipping over a cup of chai or playing a board game like carom. The Goodknight Neem Activ+ Coil will ensure that your happy moments are uninterrupted. Goodknight Neem Activ+ coils are trusted format when it comes to keeping the mosquitoes away in open spaces like Balcony, Verandah etc.


And don’t let the corners be a cosy resting place for mosquitoes


The fact about dengue mosquitoes is that, they hide in the corners of your house instead of building their nest out of home. Ensure that you light a Goodknight Fast card in the corners of your house, like under the stairs, corners of the room etc. Using the Fast Card which is small yet very effective is the best solution. It can be placed in any corner of the house and starts showing results within 3 minutes.

When you a preparing that yummy meal in your kitchen


Kitchens are considered the birth place of all insects in your home because maintaining one can be a task at times. And calling a pest control service can become cumbersome when you have so much work to complete in the kitchen. Hence, to nip them in the bud would be the best solution. Most of the mosquitoes originate because of wet surfaces in the house. Therefore, keep in mind to keep your sink area dry. Also, make sure that the kitchen area is clean and neat because garbage also attracts mosquitoes to your house.


We hope these tips help you to protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquitoes. Write to us at care@godrejcp.com for more mosquito related queries and information.

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