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Goodknight Care March 26, 2019

Top 15 Unknown Facts About Mosquitoes To Know

Do you reside in an area that has a pond or gutters around? Then there are higher chances of mosquitoes infesting your area. They are the monsters we all dread, as these tiny little pests have been successful in claiming lives of many with diseases like Dengue, Malaria & Chikungunya. Mosquitoes are considered to be one of the dangerous animals on the planet. So how do you stay safe?


The best way to stay safe is by knowing it all about these pests. It’s only then that you can take accurate measures to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Read on as we help you understand more about these pesky pests:


1. #Didyouknow? It’s the female mosquitoes that bite because they need the protein from our blood to grow their eggs and multiply.

2. The word mosquito is actually a Spanish term for “little fly”

3. Mosquitoes mainly feed on plant and food nectar

4. The female mosquito pokes us with its long notched mouth proboscis to suck out the blood from our system

5. This one is scarier: A mosquito has the capacity to drink blood nearly 3 times its body weight. But here’s a little relief, you will have to be bitten more than 1 million times to lose all your blood.

6. Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time. They need stagnant water for this. They lay it on the surfaces of still water.

7. The first 10 days of a mosquito’s life is spent in water.

8. Places that face warm temperature and tropical weather for maximum time of the year are breeding ground for mosquitoes as they are cold-blooded. Mosquitoes can’t survive in extreme cold weather

9. We bet you didn’t know this – male mosquitoes cannot live for more than 10 days once they grow. Female mosquitoes are alive for about six to eight weeks.

10. How do male mosquitoes locate the female mosquitoes? By the sound of their wings. Believe it or not, female mosquitoes beat their wings approximately 500 times per second.

11. Most mosquito species can’t travel too far. At the max, they will travel within 100 feet from the place where they hatched. However, there are a few species that can travel to about 40 miles.

12. There are mosquito species that will also prey on reptiles and amphibians. So we are not the only ones.

13. Most species fly below 25 feet but researchers have found mosquito species flying more than 8000 feet in the Himalayas.

14. Mosquitoes can locate us by the carbon dioxide we exhale. They can sense this through our sweat and certain other bacteria.

15. This is surprising and shocking at the same time: While sucking our blood, mosquitoes inject their saliva in us which has mild pain killer properties. This keeps us from noticing them immediately once they prey on us and they get successful in sucking our blood.


Now you know how dangerous these pests are. Don’t wait! Take the necessary precautions immediately. We at Goodknight, strive to give you complete mosquito protection. All our mosquito repellents are easily available in the market. Here are the products which you should always have handy:


Goodknight Power Shots: A mosquito spray that instantly knocks down these pests giving you 12 hours protection. Just 4 shots is all that you need and is completely safe for kids too.


Goodknight Xpress System: A mosquito repellent which instantly clears these pesky pests from the house within 9 minutes from switching on. It has dual mode advantage, normal mode for fewer mosquitoes and Xpress mode in case of many mosquitoes.


We hope this article helps you take the necessary steps to get rid of mosquitoes. Stay safe!

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