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Goodknight Care August 14, 2018

Basic things to teach your child to stay safe in this monsoon

The onset of the monsoons can be a hectic time for most parents. That’s because children are enthralled by the beauty they see and cannot wait to go and play in the rain or splash around in puddles with their friends.


Naturally, as a parent, you would be concerned for their safety, while also considering their wants. You do not want to leave any stone unturned while ensuring that your child stays healthy and safe during the rainy season. On the other hand, it is equally important to educate your children about some basic things that they should be aware of to have fun, but also stay safe while frolicking in the rain.


So, here are a few simple tips that kids should know for the monsoons:


1. An umbrella on a rainy day keeps those raindrops away: A simple rule. No umbrella, no going outside. Drill this basic rule into your child to ensure that he or she has moderate-to-adequate protection from the impulsive Indian monsoons.


2. Stay dry in the all-encompassing raincoat: Not all kids are comfortable (or capable) of managing umbrellas. In such cases, a raincoat can help protect against the rains, even if it proves to be a little cumbersome sometimes, especially for the younger ones. The good news, however, is that it leaves both their hands-free to play around.


3. Drink clean and safe water: Waterborne pathogens can spread easily and quickly during the monsoons. You need to make sure your child drinks clean and safe water during this time. The safest thing to do is give them a water bottle filled from home. Teach them not to drink water from outside. If they absolutely need to, they can either buy packaged water or only drink from reliable sources.


4. Gumboots for splashing about carefully: Most regular shoes do not possess the grip that can counter wet, slippery surfaces. Thus, outfitting your kid with gumboots is a great idea. Designed for the monsoons, a good pair of gumboots can provide stability and help quickly regain footing on slippery surfaces. They also help keep your child’s feet warm and dry, even when jumping in puddles.


5. Keep mosquitoes at bay: Mosquito repellant such as the Goodknight Fabric Roll On is a sure-fire way to deter those pesky mosquitoes, who tend to breed during the monsoons. Just dab your child’s clothes with Goodknight Fabric Roll On, and you can keep these bugs far away. So, encourage your children to carry this small container when they go outdoors, especially around sunrise and sunset, when mosquitoes tend to be more active.


6. Home-cooked food is always the best: Help your child understand the reason behind eating at home and why it may not be safe to indulge in street food during this season. It’s one of the easiest ways to prevent waterborne diseases. Of course, there’s also no substitute for a good, hot, home-cooked meal on a rainy day.



Help your child understand that while playing outside in the rain can be fun, these tips will also help them stay safe and learn a little self-reliance. This way you and your child can enjoy the monsoons stress-free and safely!

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