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Goodknight Care February 14, 2018

“Effective Home Remedies” For Mosquito Control That DON’T Work

These tiny little bugs accompany us almost everywhere we go! With the growing number of mosquito-borne diseases and the infections and viruses they are likely to cause, keeping mosquitoes at bay has become the need of the hour. Keeping our homes and families free and safe from mosquitoes is the only way to protect ourselves from mild and severe illnesses.

You must have heard of several tips and tricks of mosquito control at home. There have been old traditional methods and new technological ways that claim to help one get rid of mosquitoes at home. Well, even though nature has the answer to most of our problems, there are some methods that just don’t work at repelling these pesky insects:


#1 Eating Garlic 

It is commonly believed that the smell of garlic repels mosquitoes. Using a garlic spray in your backyard may work to keep the mosquitoes away, if you don’t mind it smelling that way. But, eating garlic is likely to keep more than just mosquitoes away! Also, feeding garlic to kids or applying it on their body is not a feasible option.



#2 Salt 

It is said that eating salty food items helps to keep mosquitoes away because salt contains lactic acid. But this remedy does not work at all because mosquitoes don’t spare anybody even if someone has consumed a wholesome salty meal. Rubbing salt and water paste is said to keep mosquitoes away, which again would not be a comfortable choice.





#3 Dish washing soap 

Squirting some dish washing liquid apparently helps in killing mosquitoes naturally. Unfortunately, this is not true. I have tried this in my kitchen and have only wasted the soap. Most mosquitoes are found in the kitchen during monsoons and I tried to ward them off with this chemical agent, but to no avail.


#4 Using high – tech traps 

The huge neon, electrical, bug zapping, mosquito traps have become a fad in every household. This may sound like an investment that you’d make to keep your home and family safe from mosquitoes, but as it turns out, it is only a waste of money and space in your house. These now come with advanced UV lights and scents that attract the mosquitoes. Even if they manage to attract a few mosquitoes, there are countless others that come and bother you.


#5 Mint

We may love the refreshing fragrance of mint, but mosquitoes hate it. And so, it is believed that placing mint leaves at home will help in controlling the mosquitoes. However, mint leaves don’t smell that strong and so won’t work at repelling mosquitoes. Also this remedy may be effective in avoiding mosquitoes in one corner of the house but, cannot be a reliable method of mosquito control.


Thus, home remedies for mosquito control are not fool-proof measures of preventing mosquitoes. With the increasing number of diseases that mosquitoes can cause, we need mosquito control measures that protect us outdoors as well as indoors. While you’re indoors, use the Goodknight Gold Flash System which has a dual power mode to ensure complete protection from mosquitoes. You can switch between the Normal and Activ modes, depending on the number of mosquitoes. Use the Normal mode when there are fewer mosquitoes and switch to 2x power Activ mode when there are many mosquitoes. Before stepping outdoors, make sure to apply 4 dots of the 100% natural Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on clothes. It is paediatrician certified and hence safe for use on kids. For kids below the age 2 months, the 4 dots can be applied on their cots or prams, cots and strollers.


Thus, these repellents are more effective than the home remedies for mosquito control.

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