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Goodknight Care September 5, 2018

Fun outdoor activities for you and your child

As parents, it’s very important to ensure that along with physical growth, your child is also developing mentally and emotionally. Taking a child outdoors is vital to the development of its mental faculties. Of course, all children are naturally curious and love the outdoors, but it’s good to encourage your child to be one with nature.

Here are a few activities you can do with your child out-of-doors:

1. Go on walks:

A child, from infancy, will always find a walk fascinating. Whether in a pram or running about on their own, babies not only get to understand the world around, but also get an opportunity to interact with it. Daily trips outdoors, for a walk around the neighborhood, is good for your child as it will teach how things work outside. This is also a great way to spend some quality time with your child and strengthen your bond with them


2. Play in the park:

Most parks today have designated children’s play areas, some of which are even baby-friendly. Parks serve as a very effective place where your child can interact with others in a fun environment. Taking your child to the park also gives you the opportunity to speak with other parents present and exchange health, safety, and other tips with them. It can also give you a little time to make new friends with other mommies and daddies.


3. Go swimming: 

Another fun activity for your kid is a swim. Most kids and babies take to water early on. In fact, they have a mammalian ‘dive reflex’ that allows them to absolutely understand water and be at ease in it. That doesn’t mean that strict supervision is not required when a child is in the water. Make sure that the pool you frequent doesn’t use too much chlorine and other chemicals and maintains a good level of hygiene.


4. Take ’em for a ride:

 A great way to calm a screaming child or even a baby is a long drive. The gentle motion of the vehicle can put your child at ease. Of course, it’s also fun to gaze out of the window at the world passing. Such a trip can also make for a fun family bonding.


5. Be a mall rat:

Take your child to the mall. While that may seem a little counter-intuitive, the many sounds and sights will provide endless fascination for your little one. Most malls also have play areas for kids to enjoy themselves in various activities. Make sure you pack some food, extra diapers, and a change of clothes in case your child gets hungry or wet.

Being outside with your child can be a lot of fun for them and the family as a whole. That said, while venturing into the great outdoors, one must take certain precautions. Essentials such as sunscreen, spare diapers, healthy snacks, and water are extremely important to have on hand.

Another must-have item in your kid’s outdoor kit should be the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On to drive away disease-carrying mosquitoes. Made of natural oils and perfectly safe for babies, just four drops on an article of clothing is enough to keep those pesky mosquitoes away for hours. This way your child and you can have all the fun you want in complete comfort and safety.

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