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Goodknight Care September 5, 2018

How to cure your baby’s upset stomach

Babies are angels when not in discomfort. But an upset stomach or indigestion can cause them to bawl in irritation through the night. Not only will your sleep will be affected, but your little’ one will be in constant pain. Your newborn’s digestive system is delicate and needs careful attention, especially when things go wrong. Here’s how you can have your baby chuckling again.

1Right feeding technique

Babies are known to swallow air during feeding, so it is essential for them to burp to release the gas in their tummy. To do this, hold your baby in an upright position and tap lightly on the back. If the baby’s stomach gets upset right after feeding, use ‘slow flow’ nipples and bottles that are vented or collapsible to reduce the air they swallow. This will ensure the stomach does not accumulate gas and won’t act up.


2. Check the milk 

Make sure the milk or formula isn’t rancid or bad. Check the best-by date, heat milk properly, and prepare formula in a hygienic manner. These are some precautions you can take to ensure your baby’s gut is healthy. Children often develop diarrhea or stomach pain due to bacterial infection since their lower immunity predisposes them to such things. Since milk is one of the primary sources of food for them, it is important to feed your baby fresh, healthy milk.


3. Avoid gas-forming food

Avoid feeding your infant any gas-forming food such as broccoli, beans, cabbage, or specific allergens like cow’s milk or nut milk. Moreover, a sudden introduction of solid food might bring with it stomach ache and gas due to the sensitive nature of your infant’s digestive system. So it is important that new food is introduced slowly, in small quantities, to help the infant develop tolerance. If symptoms persist, see a pediatrician.


4. Relieving gas

Help your baby maneuver his or her body to get rid of gas trapped in the stomach or intestine. You can also apply gentle pressure on the tummy or put your baby on his or her back and help kick their legs to help things along. Infant Simethicone drops are also helpful in reducing gas in the gut by breaking down gas bubbles.


5. Managing upset stomachs 

Upset stomachs are sometimes due to a reflux that occurs when the baby lies down immediately after a full stomach. Feeding your baby small, frequent amounts at regular intervals and gently holding them upright for around 30 minutes can help avoid reflux symptoms. Keep your baby well hydrated because gastroenteritis is also a common condition in infants.


6. Recuperation 

When discomfort strikes, the best remedy is usually rest coupled with mild medicines. Let your infant recuperate with lots of sleep. Uninterrupted sleep at times like this will provide your child sufficient time to heal. Use Goodknight Patches will help to keep mosquitoes at bay and minimize disturbances to give your child ample rest. This way you can be sure your baby isn’t irritated or distressed when she wakes up.

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