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Mommy September 18, 2018

How to keep your kid’s skin protected during monsoon

Along with a beautiful cloud-covered sky, refreshing cool breeze, and the nostalgic smell of wet earth, the monsoon also brings a slew of problems. While we adults might only have to deal with the occasional cold, the season can have a devastating effect on your young one’s health, especially their skin.

Here are some tips on keeping your kid’s skin protected during the monsoon:


1. Wear a raincoat: Raincoats must always be kept handy. As your child may be too young to carry an umbrella, a raincoat will be a good alternative to protect their skin and keep them dry. The first rains of the monsoon can also be dangerous, as moisture from the rainy season can cause rashes and irritation.


2. Stay hydrated: After the blazing heat of the summer, the monsoon brings with it a steep drop in temperature. But it’s easy to forget that hydration is still very important. Children are at a greater risk of dehydration than adults; they don’t always know when they’re thirsty and can go without water for hours on end. So, make sure your young one is drinking enough water during this season. More importantly, staying hydrated will keep the skin smooth and rash-free.


3. Use a moisturizer: While drinking sufficient amounts of water will help hydrate the skin to an extent, it may not always be enough. During the monsoons, even with the increased humidity, your child’s skin can become dry and itchy. If your child likes to play in the rain, the water can wash away the natural oils in their skin, making them susceptible to skin damage and rashes. It is a good idea to use a moisturizer to keep your child’s skin supple. Use a moisturizer designed for kids, depending on their age.


4. Dress right: In addition to raincoats and umbrellas, the right clothing can also help protect your kid’s skin. It’s best to dress your kid in loose clothes made of light cotton as it allows the skin to breathe and dry more easily. It is also recommended to get water-resistant footwear, so your child doesn’t walk around with cold, wet feet.


5. Deal with mosquitoes: The monsoons see a rise in Dengue and Malaria cases. This happens because the mosquitoes that carry these pathogens can now easily breed with the excessive waterlogging. Even if the mosquito bite is relatively benign, it can still cause a very uncomfortable itch that we are all too familiar with.


To protect your child from these pests, you can use things like mosquito nets and the Goodknight Neem Agarbatti when they are both active and asleep. Just keep it plugged in as long as necessary. When going out, use Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on their clothes. This will ensure your child’s skin is safe and itch-free. Just four drops on their clothing will ensure freedom from mosquitoes for up to eight hours.

So, now you know some of the ways by which you can keep your kid’s skin protected during the rainy season. Follow them to ensure a safe monsoon for your child.



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