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Mommy September 29, 2020

Why Pregnant and New Mothers Need 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent with Them All the Time?

For a woman, pregnancy and raising an infant is a heavenly experience where she is exposed to so many new feelings and emotions. The things that won’t matter before – suddenly become very important because now her every thought starts and ends with her child. One scratch on her child’s body can make her heart leap out of her body. Thus, when a disease-prone mosquito comes near an expecting mother or infant, it can surely make a new mother a little frantic.

Monsoon season is quite stress full for expecting mothers because the terror of contracting a mosquito-borne disease is quite alarming at that time of the year. Moreover, it is concluded under some studies that pregnant women are the most delicious treat for mosquitoes. Pregnant women carry a bit of extra weight, which results in lots of sweating, and it is an open feast for mosquitoes. Similarly, if you are taking your baby outside for a stroll, it could be very dangerous without personal mosquito repellent.

Why Pregnant Women and Babies Need Protection Against Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes might seem harmless insects, but one mosquito bite can give birth to numerous mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya. The mosquito-borne diseases can be extra dangerous for expecting mothers and infants who already have low immunity level. In Thailand, dengue in infancy (≤2 years of age) is a serious medical concern, constituting 7.7% and 2.9%. And, the numbers in India aren’t too great either.

If you are pregnant or have an infant, you should use 100% natural actives to keep mosquito-borne diseases away from your life. One infected mosquito bite can impact the growth of your baby in the following ways –

Affects Brain Development

Malaria is one of the most common mosquito-borne diseases. It is transmitted by the bite of Anopheles mosquito. While the recovery rate of malaria is quite high, but if your child comes down with severe malaria or you get infected with malaria during pregnancy, it can have severely effect the cognitive ability, behaviour, and performance of your child in the school. Aserious case of malaria during the development period can also impact a kid’s memory, attention span, and language learning ability. Overall, the brain development of your kid can be affected by the bite of a malaria-infected mosquito. To prevent this it is critical to provide yourself and your infant with the protection of a natural mosquito repellent.

Lowers Immunity

Mosquito-borne diseases can affect the overall immune system development of your kid too. It can reduce his or her body’s ability to respond to the immune system. Your negligence of not providing safe and effective protection from all mosquitoes with the use of a personal mosquito repellent can expose your kid to the various other diseases.

Physical Development

If your child is infected by dengue, its impact can be seen in his physical development. The common symptoms of dengue include severe muscles and joints pain – in medical terms, it’s called polyarthralgia and myalgia. The severe dengue attack can create vitamin or minerals deficiency because your kid’s body can negatively affect his physical development. You can prevent such serious ramifications of dengue with the use of a roll on mosquito repellent.

How to Protect Babies and Expecting Mothers From Mosquito-Borne Diseases?

If you are wondering that you will trap yourself and your kid inside your home throughout the monsoon season to protect from mosquito-borne diseases, you are being delusional. Mosquitoes aren’t only outside; they are everywhere – from under the bed to behind the curtains. You need a personal mosquito repellent like a good knight fabric roll-on that can be your personal mosquito repellent – inside and outside.

However, there are plenty of different personal repellent methods that moms can try to keep mosquito-borne diseases at arm’s length –

Protective Clothing  –

This isn’t 100% safe and effective protection from mosquitoes, but it is something that can protect you and your baby in some ways. You should make your baby wear a fully covered baby suit to minimize skin exposure. Furthermore, you should also wear full sleeves top and pants, especially when you are nursing a child. However, if it’s 50 degrees inside, it can be pretty difficult to keep yourself and your baby fully clothed. Thus, fabric roll-on mosquito repellent can be useful to provide extra safety against mosquitoes.

Mosquito Nets –

The most effective indoor as well as outdoor mosquito repellent method would be mosquito nets. This is a natural mosquito protection method – it has zero negative impact on your baby’s health. But, if your baby’s mosquito net slightly moves during the night, it will expose him to the dangerous mosquito. Plus, air ventilation is a huge problem with the mosquito nets. Thus good knight fabric roll on fills in the gaps left by mosquito nets.

Mosquito Repellent –

In the market, plenty of different brands of mosquito repellent lotions, sprays, and coils are available. But, you should not use chemical-based mosquito repellent on your baby. To keep your baby safe, you should invest in 100% natural actives containing mosquito lotion or repellent. With the non-herbal mosquito repellent, you can put your and your baby’s life into danger. Mosquito lotion that contains PMD should be avoided when it comes for babies less than 2M old.

Moreover, pest control foams and sprays are hazardous for pregnant women and babies. You should not even use sprays as your outdoor mosquito repellent as it can cause severe respiratory problems. Thus, you need a herbal mosquito repellent solution like a good knight fabric roll on to protect your baby from the deadly mosquito-borne diseases.

Which Mosquito Repellent Is Ideal for Babies and Pregnant Ladies?

When you are seeking for the best quality personal mosquito repellent for babies less than 2M and pregnant ladies, you can’t use any kind of mosquito repellent available in the market. You have to conduct proper research and buy the natural mosquito repellent only. To buy the personal mosquito repellent for your little one, you have to meet the following criteria –

100% Natural Actives – It is a primary characteristic of the ideal personal mosquito repellent. You should ensure to buy the herbal mosquito repellent for your baby because strong chemicals infused mosquito repellent can cause numerous respiratory complications. There are plenty of different nature mosquito repellent ingredients present that can provide better results than the chemical-oriented repellent such as citronella, eucalyptus, and other essential oils.

Pediatrician Certified – Once you have become a mother, you can’t simply buy anything without checking the pediatrician certified mark. To keep your baby safe, you should get the herbal mosquito repellent, which has been certified by the pediatrician. Especially when you are getting mosquito repellent for babies less than 2M or older, you should always trust the pediatrician certified brands only. That’s because babies’ immune system is still developing; thus, they can catch infection pretty easily, which can stay with them for life long.

Long Protection Hours – If you want to provide a goodnight’s sleep to your baby so that you can rest properly, you need to get up to 8-hour protection from mosquitoes’ solution. With the long-lasting indoor and outdoor mosquito control, you can keep your baby protected always. The herbal mosquito repellent with property to provide up to 8-hour protection from mosquitoes can keep dengue, malaria, and chikungunya spreading mosquitoes away from your little angel for a long period, which give peace of mind to the new mothers.

No Direct Skin Contact – The health of pregnant women and babies is quite fragile – small things can impact them pretty badly. Thus, even if you are getting the herbal mosquito repellent for your baby, you should not get a personal mosquito repellent that can directly touch your baby’s soft skin. There are plenty of different types of mosquito lotions available in the market, but they can react negatively with your baby’s skin.

That’s why you should get a roll-on mosquito repellent which can apply on prams, cots, and can also be applied on beds, curtains, table cloth, etc. Four dots on clothes formula of herbal mosquito repellent can protect your baby from mosquito-borne diseases spreading pests without any skin contact.

Based on the best mosquito repellent’s primary characteristics, good knight fabric roll on with four dots on clothes and up to 8 hours protection from mosquitoes formula sounds like the winner personal repellent for babies and pregnant women.

How to Apply Roll-on Mosquito Repellent?

Suppose you have bought the ideal roll-on mosquito repellent to provide natural mosquito protection to your baby. In that case, you can use it in numerous creative ways to get rid of infection spreaders. Some of the interesting way to apply good knight fabric roll on are –

Apply on Prams and Cots – When you don’t want to apply anything on your baby, you can protect him from mosquitoes by applying mosquito repellent on their pram and cot. You just have to apply four dots of roll-on mosquito repellent on the cot or pram of your baby and provide up to 8-hour protection from mosquitoes. For babies less than 2M, you can hang a bottle of mosquito repellent near their cots so that you won’t ever forget to apply four dots.

Apply on Clothes – If you want to take your baby out for an evening or morning stroll, you need a personal outdoor mosquito repellent shield around your baby. With four dots only applied on clothes, you can create a strong mosquito repellent shield around you and your baby. You should also apply outdoor mosquito repellent on yourself because the infection can easily be transmitted from mother to baby. 

Use Around Dark Corners – Mosquitoes can grow around anywhere in your home. The dark and moist corners are the ideal places for mosquitoes to start their family, such as under your bed or tables around the house. Thus, herbal mosquito repellent can also be applied on your bed and table cloth, or in any other dark corner in your home. By protecting each corner from mosquitoes, you can freely keep your baby safe. You don’t have to ever worry about mosquitoes by keeping the on the go protection with you.

On the Curtains– When you sometimes open your window for fresh air, it gives free access to mosquitoes to enter your home. Thus, you can apply roll-on mosquito repellent on your curtains as well to keep the mosquitoes at bay. This way, you can stay a step ahead of your arch-nemesis.

Baby Bags – Mosquitoes can enter into your life from anywhere. Even mosquitoes snuggle with your baby’s utility bag and bite you – when you are least expecting. Thus, you should use four dots on your baby’s bag and other cloth-based accessories also. You should hang a bottle of roll-on mosquito repellent on the baby bag for constant safety.

Conclusion-Few dots a day keep mosquitoes away It is very important for babies and baby mamas to stay socially and physically distant from mosquitoes. With the good knight roll-on mosquito repellent, mothers can eliminate one unnecessary stress from their lives. The 100% natural actives, up to 8-hour protection from mosquitoes, and four dots only applied on clothes formula can be your baby safe always.

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