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Goodknight Care September 5, 2018

How to make sure your kids have a fun-filled learning experience

Gaining knowledge is arguably the most important skill children should pick up today that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. It is important that they do not develop an aversion to learning. The only way to guarantee this is to make the experience fun for them.

Here are some tips you can implement to ensure that children find learning safe and enjoyable.


1. Engage their curiosity

Children are born with an innate sense of curiosity that is unmatched. Devise methods to harness this. If the child starts feeling that learning is a chore they will never look forward to it. On the other hand, if their curiosity is aroused, they will themselves seek knowledge.

Answer their questions with scientific answers, not vague replies. If they ask you a question that you cannot answer, inform them on how to gain that knowledge. Never have them read anything without providing a context for what they are learning.

Simple questions such as why the sky is blue or why we breathe are good opportunities to inform them how knowledge and learning can solve conundrums like these.


2. Music

Kids are naturally curious. This may act as a double-edged sword. When they have to apply themselves, they could get distracted easily and start concentrating on something else.

To prevent this, do not let them learn via a single medium, such as text, as it will bore them. Use text in combination with (say) music to keep them engaged.

Moreover, music on its own is also something that can be used to teach children. Rhythm and melody have been known to be great learning aids.


3. Videos

When introducing children to new concepts, it helps to use videos. An audio-visual presentation is always more effective at explaining a concept to a child, and it also allows them to enjoy learning new things and ideas.

Nowadays there are a host of educational videos available online for children to learn from. There are even dedicated apps and sites.


4. Learning through skills

Learning can come from many different sources. So encourage your child to paint, dedicatedly play a sport, listen to music, read, write, or sing.

All these activities have a positive effect on a child’s mind, as they foster the imagination, prolong their attention, and boost learning capacities.


5. Ensuring safety

Your child should learn in a safe atmosphere. Falling ill means missing many days that your child should be spending in school.

In subtropical countries like ours, it is essential to on guard against mosquitoes. They carry malaria, dengue, and chikungunya (among other diseases) and it takes only one bite to infect your child.


To protect your kids against these diseases, you should consider switching on the new Goodknight Gold Flash System when your child is studying in their room. It can keep a room mosquito-free for hours and ensure a harmonious environment for your child to learn in.

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