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Is it enough to use mosquito repellents only at home no - Goodknight Blog
Goodknight Care August 26, 2017

Is It Enough To Use Mosquito Repellents Only At Home? No!

Protect your kids from mosquitos while they step out of home

There is a lot of information available on preventive measures to stay protected from dengue and chikungunya. Majority of this information involves things you can do in and around your home. While this is crucial, we all know that mosquitoes come into our homes from outside, but there are hardly any precautions that we take while we are not at home.



Dengue mosquitoes are daytime mosquitoes and your kids are most vulnerable



Children are most vulnerable to mosquito bites – they go to school during the day, play in parks in the evening, commute for tuitions etc. They usually are out of the house during the peak biting time of Aedes aegypti – the mosquito that can spread dengue, chikungunya, Zika fever, Yellow fever and other diseases (only dengue fever and chikungunya are found in India). They are most active during the two hours after sunrise and several hours before sunset.



Just keeping your house clean and using indoor mosquito repellent is not enough



While parents make all kinds of efforts to keep mosquitoes away from their children inside their homes by using liquid vaporizers, coils, and Fast cards, they are not able to control the environment when their children leave the house. What does one do then?


There is little you can do to limit the breeding conditions for mosquitoes outside of your home, but you can still prevent your child from getting bitten by these mosquitoes. If you thought mosquito repellents are only to be used in closed spaces, you should learn about personal repellents. No, don’t think of sticky and smelly creams and oils. Now there are several varieties available in market. For example, Goodknight Fabric Roll-On, which is designed in a way that it has to be applied on the fabric and not on skin.


All you need to do is just apply 4 dots of the non-staining formula on your clothes and you will be protected from mosquitoes for up to 8 hours. Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is made up of 100% natural oils.


You can also check Goodknight Cool Gel or Goodknight Patches.


So when your children step out of the house, make sure they leave completely protected from mosquito bites. Goodknight advocates the need for prevention from dengue and chikungunya with a wide range of mosquito repellents aimed at protecting you and your family 24×7. Let your children go to school or play in the park without a worry with Goodknight’s protection!

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