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Goodknight Care December 7, 2017

The Mosquito Killer You Can Trust

Who doesn’t hate mosquitoes? Besides buzzing around our ears, their bites leave us with red rashes and itchy bumps. Well, in some of cases, victims of these deadly predators are often left with debilitating diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis too.


As prevention is better than cure, the best way to fight mosquitoes is to nip them in the bud i.e. avoiding them before they can attack. As the number of diseases related to mosquito bites increase, one should get their hands on the best mosquito killers to keep their family and friends safe. That brings us to the question as to which is the best mosquito killer?


From electronic bug zappers to UV light and suction fan mosquito traps, mosquito killers come in various shapes and sizes. But nothing can beat Goodknight’s Gold Flash and Xpress Systems. Their compact size and strong action ensures that they occupy least space without any problem.


Goodknight’s mosquito killing machines are basically liquid vaporizers that can be safely used in living rooms and bedrooms even with small kids around. Just one push for the mosquito killer to start its job.


While the Gold Flash System comes with Normal and Activ modes, Xpress system is super effective and fast with its double power Xpress mode.


Unlike the other bulky and noisy mosquito machines, Goodknight’s electronic compact machines are easy to maintain and operate. Both the machines come with cartridges that can be easily changed. There are no extra parts that require engineering or assembling. Goodknight has another easy-to-use Fast Card mosquito repellent for instant action against mosquitoes. With the advanced TFT dot technology and a pleasant fragrance, this product works instantaneously.


Besides using these mosquito repelling machines, we also advise you to keep your indoors clean and dry as mosquitoes thrive in wet and clogged areas. You could also use personal repellents for extra protection. If the weather permits, try keeping most of your body covered. All these precautionary and preventive measures can together help reduce the mosquito menace from our homes and neighbouring areas.

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