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Goodknight Care September 5, 2018

Themes that can never go wrong on your baby’s first birthday party

It’s been a year since your little munchkin came into this world, lighting up your life and filling it with the joys of parenthood. Now their special day is just around the corner, the first of many more to come. Of course, you’ll want to make it really special for them — and when it comes to a birthday party, nothing works better than a theme.

Here are some excellent options you can’t go wrong with:

1. A fairytale birthday

Prep the venue with little DIY castles and fairy wings. Make it as colorful as you can. Try to arrange foodstuffs such as strawberry-flavored cupcakes that look like the Three Little Pigs, treats shaped like a fairy godmother’s star-tipped wand, and the pièce de résistance – a birthday cake in the shape of a big giant book. All this should work wonders on the big day!

2. Chhota Bheem

Chhota Bheem is a favorite with Indian kids. Floor your guests with a ‘Welcome to Dholakpur’ banner placed right at the venue entrance and dress your little one as Bheem himself. Put up colorful balloons and make photo booths with cardboard cutouts of the different characters in the show. And don’t forget the laddoos! As a return gift, hand out Goodknight’s Chhota Bheem mosquito repellent patches to keep the little ones safe from mosquitoes.

3. Jungle Safari 

Your little one’s first birthday is an excellent time to host a jungle-themed party! Get a cake with stripes or spots on it and you’ll be good to go. Don’t forget colorful confetti and paper plates shaped like animal heads. Dress your little one up like a jungle explorer in khaki and it could turn out to be the best party ever! Paper cutouts of trees can be stuck on the walls and fake vines all over can make the venue look so much more authentic.

4. Harry Potter 

Let the legacy of witchcraft and wizardry pass on to your little one with a Harry Potter-themed birthday party. Little Hogwarts acceptance letters could be sent out as invites. Turn the venue into the great hall at Hogwarts with candles and clouds hanging from the ceiling. Put up house banners and get a cake shaped like the Weasleys’ enchanted car. You can also get mugs with stickers saying ‘Butterbeer’, create a Honeydukes table filled with jars of the weirdest candy you can find at the local market, order macaroons in different house colors, and paste feathers on to chocolate balls wrapped in gold foil to make them look like little snitches. All of this will give the room an air of magic and mystery.

While the party has to be fun, it should also be a safe environment for your child and the invitees. Keep Goodknight Gold Flash System plugged in during the party to stop disease-carrying mosquitoes from disrupting those precious, happy moments. Switch it to Activ mode and this child-safe device will make sure no ‘uninvited guest’ shows up!

We know your kid occupies the highest priority in your life. They may be too young to understand or appreciate your love now but give them a stellar first birthday party and they’ll surely thank you someday. In the meantime, let the adults take away some fond memories of the big bash.

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