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Mommy September 18, 2018

Indoor safety measures for your baby

Having a baby is a most rewarding experience but it also comes with major responsibilities, the first of which is to ensure that your home is adequately prepped. To ensure your child’s safety at home, a few minor alterations or enhancements will be necessary.

These ‘modifications’ will give you peace of mind knowing that your baby is quite safe from any potential hazards that they might be exposed to as they explore their new home.

1. Electronics: Babies are naturally curious and any item left unattended will attract their attention. Electronic gadgets such as phones, tablets, remotes, etc. look shiny and appealing and will surely pique their curiosity. Of course, babies are not exactly the ‘handle with care’ types, so to avoid any damage you might want to lock those things away or keep them in a high place out of reach of your little one. Also, remember to enable the ‘child lock’ on your washing machine and microwave and just about any other gadget that offers the feature.

2. A clean home: It is imperative that you maintain excellent hygiene. Babies have no idea that there are surfaces you just don’t lick or bite. While crawling around or standing up against something, they will get their hands dirty and are likely to put these germ-loaded appendages into their mouths. So maintaining a spotless home (using baby-friendly cleaners) is a must. Also make sure that anything that isn’t bolted down is clean as a whistle, as pretty much anything seems to resemble a tasty snack to a toddler.

3. Electrical sockets: Plug points are quite dangerous for babies who might try inserting a finger into an open socket. Many serious and even fatal accidents can result from this. So make sure that all sockets within a baby’s reach are securely covered and there are no exposed wires. This is absolutely vital if you want to let your child roam free at home.

4. Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are a significant threat to your baby while she plays around the home. They spread diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya, and just one bite is cause for concern. Babies, with their weak immunity, are highly susceptible to these diseases. To keep mosquitoes at bay, use a tried-and-tested product such as the new Goodknight Gold Flash System. It works through the day and night, making sure no mosquitoes can waylay your little one.

5. Glassware and sharp edges: Sharp edges of tables, chairs, and other furniture can prove to be major points of concern. Simple solutions like getting a carpenter to round off pointy bits or creating a baby-proof border around sharp edges and corners are the way to go. Also ensure that glass objects – glasses, ashtrays, photo frames, etc. – are not within your baby’s reach.

6. Supervision: It doesn’t matter how safe you have made your home; a child can always find a way to eventually get into a spot of trouble. To make a house 100% baby-proof you must be actively involved in supervising the baby while she’s playing in the home. This is the most effective guarantee against your child getting up to mischief. It may be tedious, but it will ensure your baby’s safety.

It’s not easy having a baby and it’s even more difficult having to constantly watch over them. It’s the only job that truly matters to every parent. Following these simple tips will help you ensure your baby’s safety while she plays indoors.

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