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Mommy October 10, 2018

4 Foods your kids should avoid at any cost

Growing children expend huge amounts of energy. They will eat almost anything placed in front of them… almost. However, children also crave foods that are very high in sugar and fat and very low on proteins and fiber – in other words, junk food. 

Junk food ensures low metabolism along with high amounts of sugary and fatty intake that can make a child lethargic, overweight, and generally unhealthy. Instead of eating healthy food when the body needs it the most, they want to consume food that guarantees a feel-good factor and nothing more. 

Keeping that in mind, here are some foods you should keep as far away from your child as possible:

1. Processed meats: Processed meats include ready-made products such as nuggets, factory produced sausages etc. These have a very high sodium content and are usually full of preservatives to make them last longer. 

Mass-produced in a factory, these products are created out of every part of the animal. The skin and bones are removed while other organs are ground up and a lot of preservatives added. This is unhygienic, unhealthy, and a leading cause of food-borne diseases, especially with kids.


2. Sugary drinks: This is a no-brainer, all sugary drinks available in the market (including the so-called ‘healthy’ fruit juices) are possible health risks for children as well as adults. Each drink contains two or three times the amount of sugar a human can safely consume in a day, and that is provided in just a few sips. 

The sugar is what makes these drinks addictive to people who tend to consume more than one drink in the course of their day. Some of the more direct results of consuming sugary drinks in excess include diabetes, obesity, lethargy, and low metabolism. Thus, for your children’s sake, these things should never find a place in your shopping list. 


3. Packaged meals: Almost all packaged meals are made with very little concern for hygiene. To mask the use of sometimes substandard ingredients (e.g. one part stale vegetable/meat to two parts fresh) some companies overuse salt and spices to make the food item more palatable. Often the salt and spice content is far more than is good for you.

In some cases, the cooking conditions are also bad, which exacerbates the situation. These types of foods could directly cause a child to fall ill from food-borne diseases, and indirectly attack their immune systems and metabolic rates. 


4. Fries/chips: Not only are fries and chips deep-fried, they contain so much salt and fat that they can be extremely bad for your child’s overall health. They are the ultimate destroyers of metabolism. Children who frequently gorge on fries and chips could become susceptible to heart complications and blood pressure issues when they are older. 

As parents, you need to be extremely cautious about your children’s eating habits to preserve and foster their health. It is your job to tell them why ‘we are what we eat’. However, while explaining to them why consuming junk food is unhealthy, it’s equally important to teach them how to eat hygienically as well. 


For example, food left unattended can attract insects such as mosquitoes, which carry dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue, and chikungunya. So teach your kids to clean up after themselves after every meal. As responsible adults, it is also vital to use preventive methods to keep these pests away. For instance, plug in the new Goodknight Gold Flash System and Goodknight Fabric Roll-On around children to keep mosquitoes away. 

As the old saying goes, a parent’s job is never done.

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