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Mommy September 24, 2018

4 Simple tips to care for your baby’s skin

Babies fill the lives of those around them with immense joy. At the same time, they can be a lot of work. Caring for a baby involves patience and vigilance. Maintaining a baby’s health can be difficult since it requires constant attention from the parents till the baby can fend for itself.

One of the most fragile organs of a baby is the skin. Exposure to the harshness of the elements make it very easy for them to get rashes, skin infections etc. Moreover, because of the delicate nature of a baby’s skin, it could react quite dramatically to scratches, friction, heat, or insect bites.

Yes, caring for a baby’s skin is vital. Here are some tips to keep in mind in your quest to keep your baby’s skin healthy and supple:


1. Use baby-friendly bathing products

While giving the baby a bath, it is imperative that the caregiver be careful with their delicate skin. So regular soaps and shampoos are out of the question – these can dry out their skin very quickly. Use a mild liquid cleanser that is made specifically for babies. It will perform the required task of cleansing while being gentle on the skin.


2. Once-a-week ghee massage 

It may sound messy, but ghee is wonderful for a baby’s skin. At least once a week, give the baby an hour-long massage with ghee. It helps the skin remain moist during the winters and slows down skin ageing, all the while providing the baby with an immunity boost.


3. Pay attention to the diaper area

Babies often develop rashes and other complications in the diaper zone. This is because a diaper is constantly in touch with their skin, leading to friction, and provides an environment that has the right amount of moisture and heat for bacterial growth. Ensure regular diaper changes, and always inspect the baby’s buttocks and groin area during a diaper change. Using a recommended powder or cream can help. If the skin shows welts or redness, switch to another brand. If the rashes still persist, a visit to the pediatrician is a must.


4. Avoid traditional mosquito repellents 

Mosquitoes are a very serious problem in India. They carry diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya (among others), which are not only bad for adults, but worse for babies. Keeping mosquitoes away from children is, therefore, extremely important. Using traditional mosquito repellents on the skin is not recommended. A baby’s skin is too sensitive for most (if not all) of these lotions and gels. The use of mosquito coils and incense sticks is also suspect due to the adverse effect it could have on the baby’s respiratory system.


So, it is vital to use an anti-mosquito product that has been created to be baby/child-friendly. Such as Goodknight Fabric Roll-On, which is made from 100% natural ingredients. It is applied to a baby’s clothes and does not make contact with the baby’s skin. As few as four dots of this product can be applied on a piece of the baby’s clothing; this will keep the baby mosquito-free for up to eight hours.


Babies are precious and so is their health. This monsoon, make sure you follow these tips to ensure that your baby’s skincare regimen is perfect.

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