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Sleep October 1, 2018

4 Things Your Child Must Do Before Going to Bed

Regular and sound sleep is essential for children. Unlike adults, who need around seven hours of sleep a day, children require close to nine or 10. This is because their bodies grow and are re-energized when they are sleeping. Hence, it is important that you ensure your child enjoys a deep and uninterrupted sleep regularly.
There are a few habits you can inculcate in your child to aid this. Here are a few things you must ensure your child does before going to bed: 

1. Wear Comfortable Clothes: While sleeping, ensure your children wear the most comfortable clothes. The clothes they wear must not restrict blood flow anywhere (like socks do) and shouldn’t be tight. Sleeping pajamas and loose vests are your best bets. Ensure there are slippers near the bed if the child needs to use the bathroom at night. Never send your child to bed in tight or formal clothing. 

2. Be Calm Before Bedtime: Though children require more sleep, they are known to be difficult to be put to bed when excited. Ensure they have no sugary drinks in the evening and make sure they watch no exciting movies or TV shows before bedtime.
Besides this, parents should not ask children to do anything that could increase their stress levels before sleep (homework should be taken care of earlier and not before bedtime). Any presents or gifts should be opened much before their sleep time. This will ensure children are relaxed and get full sleep. 

3. Dining Properly: A full stomach and an empty stomach are both reasons for an interrupted and restless sleep. Ensure that your child has had enough to eat (but avoids overeating) and at least two hours before they are to go to bed. This means they should not be fed heavy or spicy food for dinner. The gap before sleeping is to make sure digestion is proper and does not interrupt sleep. 


4. Be Hygienic and Safe: The last things children should do before sleeping are using the bathroom, brushing their teeth and having a glass of cherry juice or milk.
It is advisable to run a hot water bath for children who have difficulty sleeping bedtime.
Mosquitoes are a major menace to a well-earned rest. Moreover, mosquito bites can cause diseases like Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya. Use products like Goodknight Neem Agarbatti for the entire duration of your child’s sleep to ensure uninterrupted, safe and sound for them.
Nothing is worth a good night’s sleep, whether an adult or a child. Inculcate these good habits in your child to ensure they are well-rested. Proper and sound sleep means more than just mere resting of the body. It leads to a healthier mind, body, and lifestyle.

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