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Sleep September 28, 2018

How music can help your child sleep better

Children require a lot of sleep. An average adult needs about 6 to 7 hours of sleep while a child requires 8 to 10. This is because children grow while they sleep; something that consumes a lot of energy and time. Thus, it is important to ensure that children sleep well, without disturbances.

Ironically, listening to specific music is known to be quite a pacifier and aids in better sleep. Classical music, books on tape, and ambient sounds are categories that would prove better for the purpose.

Here’s what top researchers have to say about the benefits of listening to music and sleeping:-

Calming effect: Children who listen to soothing music for half an hour to 45 minutes before they sleep see significant improvement in the quality of their sleep. They experience a more restful, deeper sleep and are less prone to waking up in the middle of the night. Moreover, these children show better focus and alertness when they are awake and have a moderate and even heart rate throughout the day.

Physiological power: Music that calms a person down has been shown to lower their resting heart rate, lower blood pressure, induce slower and deeper breathing, and even induces muscles to relax. All of these factors trigger the sleeping chemicals and responses in the body thereby, inducing a person to fall asleep. This works miraculously on children who have been able to identify the music that soothes them (as opposed to music that peps them up).

Dreams: People who went to sleep after listening to calming music report that they have had better dreams and that goes a long way in ensuring good sleep. People who have good, vivid dreams are less likely to wake up during their sleep time.

Enhances intelligence: Listening to classical music has been shown to have a very positive effect on a child’s intelligence levels. Thus, when your child listens to classical music while falling asleep, it can be advantageous to them. They gain a wholesome, stress-free sleep while their intelligence is enhanced.

Reduces stress: Music, in general, reduces stress and considering one of the leading causes of inadequate sleep is stress, listening to music ensures that it is not as big a factor. Children today face intense competition and heavy workloads from school and extracurricular activities. This negatively impacts their sleeping ability. Thus, anything that can reduce their stress before sleeping will ensure a better and deeper sleep for them.

More than these factors, a parent must also ensure that a child is not disturbed when they sleep. To do this, maintaining silence around their sleeping areas, dim lights, and the absence of mosquitoes are vital. Mosquitoes, in particular, can ruin good sleep with just a single bite and can pass on diseases like Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya. To prevent them from bothering your child, use the Goodknight Gold Flash System in the room where they sleep. Just switch it on through the night or when your child is napping during the day, for a mosquito-free environment indoors.

Thus, understanding how the power of music can prove to be a genuinely useful aid to your child’s sleep is imperative to employing it when they rest to ensure their growth and development is on track.

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