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Sleep October 1, 2018

These drinks will ensure better sleep for your child

will have a smooth and deep slumber, uninterrupted by any power outages, loud noises et al. Take care to make a very light brew and if possible, avoid using milk.
Milk: The all-time favorite drink to give your child will always be milk. You can add a little turmeric to hot milk if your child has been overly active during the day. Turmeric has healing properties and will aid in repairing any internal wear and tear your child would have incurred. Milk in itself is rich in calcium, and that is something the body really needs during its growing phase. If your child does not like the taste of milk on its own, you can give them chocolate milk or any other healthy combination you see fit.
Water: A glass of warm water can aid with sleep and it can become a lifelong habit to boot. Warm water aids in digestion along with maintaining optimum water levels in the body, thereby, ensuring your child does not wake up thirsty during the night. The ease of digestion means that the child will sleep better. The best thing about drinking water before going to bed is that it not only helps with better sleep, it also aids your child in waking up as they will have full bladders by morning, making it easier to wake them up!
There are also a few simple things you can do to ensure your child has a deep sleep during the night: 

– Ensure your child has a full, productive, active day so they’ll be more than happy to get to bed and rest;
– Feed them a couple of hours before their bedtime;
– Give them some light reading to do for about half an hour before they fall asleep;
– Put on some classical music or ambient sounds for them to fall asleep to; and
– Keeping disease-carrying (malaria, dengue, and chikungunya) mosquitoes away while your child sleep is the most vital of all. Use the perfectly child-safe Goodknight Gold Flash System during the night in your child’s room.

Keep these simple liquid-aids and tips in mind to help your child get the best possible sleep each night and watch as they develop and grow strong each day!

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