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Mommy September 24, 2018

5 essentials for you when you are pregnant

Being pregnant is simultaneously the most joyful and the most stressful time in an expecting mother’s life. How to be prepared for what is coming next and how best to safeguard your own life and that of your unborn child places undue pressure on a person. Do not worry. This can be easily handled by accommodating these five essential items during your pregnancy stages. Remember, at the end of the day, these items are tools; it is you who has to be calm and stress-free for yourself and your child!


1. Cushions: Physical discomfort is common during all the pregnancy stages. Not only are your insides under constant pressure, but the outside too is going to be giving you problems. Sitting, lying down and standing are all activities that could bring discomfort. A pregnancy cushion, however, could alleviate this. These cushions come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they work towards easing the pressure you have when you are sitting or lying down. They become indispensable as the months keep piling on, and are particularly helpful during the last weeks of pregnancy.


2. Maternity clothes: Comfort is necessary to maintain your mood and your physical well-being, and maternity clothes can help here. Your body will change drastically as your pregnancy progresses. There is enhanced sensitivity in certain body parts while weight fluctuations and your growing baby add their physical demands on the body. Maternity clothes are designed with substances that reduce chafing and which are elastic enough to ensure comfort even a day before delivery.


3. Mosquito repellent: One important thing to take care of during pregnancy is your health and safety and that of your baby’s. In tropical countries, something as small as mosquitoes or insects can come in the way of this. To keep yourself safe from malaria, dengue, chikungunya and countless other diseases, using a safe but effective repellent is necessary. For instance, Goodknight Fabric Roll On can be used on your clothes to keep these pests away. As few as four dots on your cloth will ensure a mosquito-free environment for you.


4. Anti-stretch mark oil: Stretch marks are common during pregnancies and if not taken care of, will remain on your body permanently. The easiest way to deal with stretch marks is to apply anti-stretch mark oil on the necessary areas diligently. It is advisable to continue doing this even after delivery, but it is best to start as soon as the marks begin to show.


5. Medicine kit: No matter how careful you are during your pregnancy stages, different things can result in you falling sick or feeling under the weather. In such cases, it is essential to be prepared 24/7. Carry a pouch of essential medicines with you at all times to combat simple ailments. Get a doctor’s approval on all medication beforehand.


Many people say that pregnancy is a difficult time for women. The truth is, with a little preparation, it can be more comfortable for you and your baby. Following these straightforward pregnancy tips will help you to stay well and healthy during this time.

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