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Mommy September 6, 2018

5 Habits to teach your kids before schooling

Going to school is an important event in a child’s life. This is where they build meaningful relationships outside of the family, learn to interact with others, and gain knowledge and other important life skills. It’s a long and rewarding chapter in their lives and must be treated as such. There are nonetheless a few things that can be taught at home to make their transition to school life easier.

Here are five habits to ingrain in your children before they are sent out into the big, wide world to begin their journey through life:

1. Washing hands:

This simple skill is a lifesaver for all involved. Children are always getting dirty. They play in the mud and run about touching surfaces, irrespective of how filthy they are. They aren’t grossed out like adults and tend to be more adventurous around unfamiliar objects. Washing hands drastically reduces the number of harmful microbes present on a child’s hands and ensures that very few germs get on to them. Teach them how to meticulously and frequently wash their hands with soap. A hand sanitizer can also prove useful.

2. Cleaning up after meals:

This is an important thing to teach children. When they are outside their homes they do not have doting parents, siblings, grandparents, etc., to clean up after them. They can’t simply leave behind a mess and go off. After they finish a meal, they must clean up by taking the dishes away and tidying up the area. This instils responsibility and discipline; skills which will come in handy later in life.

3. Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’:

Politeness is a virtue that will last a child in good stead. A simple ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ is something every human ought to learn to use. It prevents children from growing up arrogant and entitled. Being polite also means they are more likely to succeed in having their requests granted. Besides, no one likes bratty kids and an easy way to spot bratty children is to look for the ones that do not say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’!

4. Learning to share:

Children are not born with the impulse to share (this goes doubly so for single children), but when in school, they will have to share. This is a habit that can be inculcated at home before a child begins their schooling. Encourage your child to share their toys and other favored items with members of your household and reward them with gestures and kind words. Children respond well to positive reinforcement.

5. Guarding against mosquitoes:

Children are too young to realize the destructive power of a tiny mosquito. More often than not, it is just an irritation to them. Mosquitoes carry diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya, which can be spread with just one bite. Ensure that when your child goes outdoors, they know how to use a trusted repellant such as Goodknight Fabric Roll-On. All they need to do is apply four dots on their clothing before going out and this will keep even the hungriest of mosquitoes at bay for up to eight hours.

Education is a privilege many do not have, and children must learn to recognize they have opportunities that are denied to many. It is therefore vital to teach them these simple things before they embark on their learning adventure.

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