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5 Most common places where you would need to protect your child from mosquito bites - Goodknight Blog
Mommy August 22, 2017

5 Most Common Places Where You Would Need To Protect Your Child From Mosquito Bites

This blog was written by mommy blogger, Roopika Sareen


Sensational greenery, idyllic feel and the scent of the parched earth that has just been hit by first rain of the season – Monsoon has its own indescribable joys! But just like everything, there’s got to be a downside too. And I am willing to bet that the number one downside of monsoons is mosquitoes. Trust me, mosquitoes are a nuisance that make you itch just thinking about them!


From their painful bite to their annoying buzz, mosquitoes can ruin your time outside and inside. They are not only an itchy nuisance but also carriers of deadly diseases like dengue, malaria & chikungunya and that’s especially a concern when your baby is the one suffering.


We as parents can set up all the possible protection measures at home but our kids could still be vulnerable to mosquito bites once they leave the home.


Looking for ways to protect your child indoors? Check out Goodknight Gold Flash, 2x power mode that ensures 2x protection from mosquitoes.


So what are some common places where you need to be extra cautious and protect your child from mosquito bites?



1. Backyard



If your kids spend a lot of time playing in your yard, you cannot ignore this part of your property. Ornamental planters, dried leaves, bird feeders, play equipment, garage cans, empty buckets and anything else that collects water are the most common hide-outs and thriving points for mosquitoes. Ensure you discard them or change water in them after every 3 days.



2. School 



School is your child’s second home and perhaps one place where your child spends almost half of their day or sometimes even more. Although mosquitoes may bite at any time of day, peak biting activity for vectors of some diseases such as dengue, Zika and chikungunya is during daylight hours. Thus protection is of utmost importance during this time of the day at schools. Even with the best of facilities and most efficient mechanisms, mosquitoes tend to find their way because of ample open spaces like flowerbeds, playgrounds, fountains and washrooms.



3. Parks



Children love being outdoors, especially in the evenings. Unfortunately that’s what these pesky bugs like too! Trees, shrubs and tall grasses are the most common places for mosquitoes to linger before flying over to their target. Wooded areas and stagnant water supplies such as puddles and ponds attract mosquitoes and encourage them to breed. And that’s one place children love to play – muddy puddles.



4. Swimming Pool/Clubs/Sports Complex



Nowadays kids are involved in some or the other extra-curricular activity. This involves visits to pools and sports clubs. There are lots of trees and open spaces in these complexes and this makes a great place for mosquitoes to stay. While a clean pool isn’t inviting to mosquitoes, swimming pools can quickly become mosquito breeding sites if they are not properly maintained. Mosquitoes look to lay their eggs in standing water. A common target is the water that accumulates on top of pool covers. Unused pools that have closed in winters before being reopened are also target areas.



5. Birthday Parties/Weddings



With children dressed their best in beautiful party dresses, it’s heartbreaking to see those mosquito bite marks on  their legs, arms and face. With most weddings nowadays being at farmhouses and open lawns, the exposure to mosquitoes is a lot more. From outdoor eating area to kids’ play area to washrooms, all these sites are vulnerable to be breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially during monsoons.



So what’s the solution when kids are outdoors?


Goodknight has come up with easy-to-use outdoor mosquito repellents so that your child is protected even when outdoors.

Goodknight Fabric Roll-On: Just applying 4 dots of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on the clothes would ensure 100% natural protection for up to 8 hours.

You can even try the Goodknight Patches which can be applied on your baby’s clothes and ensures protection upto 8 hours.


Go Mommy!


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