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Mommy September 18, 2018

5 Secrets to a smooth second trimester

The second trimester is one of the better parts of the different pregnancy stages. Beginning around the 14th week, this is when the dreadful morning sickness and fatigue you felt during the first trimester begins to subside. You might even feel your old healthy and energetic self again. With your body now preparing itself for the D-day, there are certain things you will need to look out for. Here are five pregnancy care tips that can help you have a smooth second trimester.


1. Follow a diet plan: With a baby growing inside you, it is essential that you increase your calorie intake to support your baby’s development. With the help of your dietitian or doctor, prepare a diet chart that includes nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other essentials. You might also be advised to take prenatal vitamins to help your baby grow. However, no matter what vitamin or supplement you are taking, ensure your doctor has given you the go-ahead.


2. Start working out: If you didn’t work out previously, you might want to get started now. The intensity of your workout will be minimal, and it will mostly include activities like swimming or paddling. Working out for at least 20 minutes a day will help maintain your health and can reduce a backache and constipation. It will also lead to better sleep which is good for you and your baby. Signing up for a prenatal yoga class is also a good idea as it helps build strength for labour and improves flexibility, balance, and posture. However, do consult your doctor before starting a regimen to make sure your exercises are safe.


3. Mosquito-proof your house: One of the most important pregnancy care tips is getting sound sleep. What often interferes with it is a swathe of mosquitoes invading your bedroom. Rid your home of mosquitoes and insects by plugging in the new Goodknight Gold Flash System to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Not only is it a safe product for prevention against mosquito bites, but it’s also a smart way to protect yourself against the vector-borne diseases that they spread.


4. Keep your skin moisturized: Weight gain and stretch marks are natural occurrences during the later stages of the second trimester. While not all women may develop stretch marks, they can pose a great inconvenience to those who do. Certain creams in the market will claim to prevent stretch marks but might not work for everyone. However, moisturizing your belly and the area around it can help get rid of stretch marks after delivery. This also significantly reduces the itching caused by stretch marks.


5. Start shopping for maternity clothes: With your baby is starting to develop, your belly will soon follow. So, it’s a good time to shop for maternity clothes that allow for easy mobility throughout the day. While looking good is essential, when it comes to maternity clothes, comfort is supreme.


For first-time moms, the experience of pregnancy can be quite a roller-coaster. Being prepared for it helps you cope with the new sensations your body experiences. So with these pregnancy care tips and tricks, you can ensure your transition into the second trimester is a smooth and happy one!

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