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Mommy September 24, 2018

5 Things to avoid during the third trimester of your pregnancy

Few joys can compare with that of motherhood. But pregnancy is often a stressful experience, with mothers-to-be having to abide by plenty of dos and don’ts to ensure their well-being and that of their unborn child.

The third trimester, which stretches from week 28 to week 40 of pregnancy, can be a physically and emotionally challenging time. This is when you experience uncomfortable changes in your body — drastic weight gain, heartburn, haemorrhoids, Braxton-Hicks contractions – topped off with difficulties in sleeping.

During the third trimester, it’s imperative you take extra care to keep yourself healthy. Here are some things to avoid so you can sail through this period and have a safe childbirth.

1. Sleeping on your back

Not sleeping on your stomach is a no-brainer, but it’s equally important that moms-to-be avoid sleeping on their backs as well. It is recommended that expectant mothers sleep on their left side to allow optimal blood flow to the uterus and baby since the uterus tilts to the right during pregnancy.

2.Raw foods and caffeine

Eliminate caffeine from your diet during your pregnancy; it can cause insomnia. Also give up alcohol completely as the nutrients your baby receives are carried through your bloodstream.

Avoid raw fish, smoked seafood, shark, swordfish, white snapper, and mackerel since these contain high levels of mercury that can prove toxic for your baby.

3. Mosquito bites

During pregnancy, your immune system’s guards are lowered to keep your body from seeing the baby as a pathogenic threat. If you get pregnant while the flu is making the rounds be sure to get proper and immediate treatment.

Vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, and chikungunya can tremendously weaken your body, an undesirable state in the last few weeks of your pregnancy. You can switch on the new Goodknight Gold Flash System is an excellent indoor mosquito repellent that will not harm you or your little one and can be used throughout the day.

When you’re outdoors, protect yourself with Goodknight Fabric Roll-On (four dabs on your clothes and you’re set!) to keep mosquitoes at bay.

4. Frequent travel 

Whether it’s by air or road, going on trips during this time is not recommended. Of course, you don’t have to be confined to your room or mope indoors – frequent walks around your building, a stroll in the park etc. can do wonders.

5. Strenuous exercise

Lifting heavy weights must be strictly avoided as it can put too much stress on your ligaments that are typically relaxed late in pregnancy. Instead of a physically demanding workout, try prenatal yoga or brisk walks. Doing crunches on your back is not recommended, but you can do pelvic tilts standing or lying on your side instead.

To minimize the risk of mishaps, avoid walking up too many stairs, walking on slippery surfaces, standing for long periods, or wearing heels and tight clothing.

During the third trimester, with your due date just around the corner, there are usually mixed feelings of excitement and exhaustion. Take care to avoid the five things mentioned above and before you know it you’ll have your baby in your arms!

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