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Mommy October 10, 2018

5 Things to take care of when your toddler starts walking

Watching your baby grow will be one of your most beautiful and rewarding memories. Before you know it, they will grow up to be adults! But while they are growing up, care must be taken to ensure a safe environment for them.

This is even more important when your baby starts walking. There is so much to do to make sure your baby is safe. You have to consider the smallest of things since babies are curious and will be crawling and then walking all over the place!

Here are some things you have to take care of when your little one has just started to walk:

  1. Ensure no sharp edges: Pay attention to any sharp edges in the house. See if the furniture or walls have any protruding edges and cover them. Babies are blissfully unaware of such dangers and you can’t be too careful. Their spatial awareness hasn’t evolved yet, so they cannot accurately judge the distance of objects from their body (especially their head). If left unattended, a baby is bound to be hurt by a sharp object. There are many services available on hire to baby-proof a house. Add to that some common sense and you will be covered.
  1. Avoid slippery/wet floors: Take care to sweep the floors clean before you allow your child to wander about. Be sure to use cleaning fluids that are baby-friendly and ensure that the floor is thoroughly dry. Babies might slip at the slightest hint of a wet floor as their sense of balance is still rudimentary. While minor falls are a part of growing up, it’s good to guard against them.
  1. Cover all power sockets: Make sure there are no exposed or unattended electricity sockets in the room where the baby is walking about. Children are extremely curious about things around them. They do not understand electricity or its associated dangers. They are very likely to be attracted by the holes in a socket and might try to insert fingers or objects into them.
  1. Watch what they put in their mouths: A curious child who has just started walking can – and will – eat anything they can find. They can be unerringly quick when doing so and even a slight distraction on your part will ensure they put the first thing they find in their mouths. This can range from dirt to insects, so be watchful at all times.
  1. Protect them from mosquitoes and other insects: In subtropical countries such as ours, mosquitoes can be a very real threat. They can spread deadly diseases such as Malaria, Chikungunya, and Dengue. Use Goodknight Neem Agarbatti in the house to keep even the most menacing mosquitoes at bay. The Goodknight range of mosquito-repelling products is baby-friendly and absolutely safe to use. They ensure your child is protected from some of the most dangerous diseases as they enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

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