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Mommy September 24, 2018

5 Tips to baby-proof your apartment

As a new parent, it can be quite challenging trying to accommodate the ever-changing routine of your child. One day all that your infant did was roll over, and the next day she’s happily crawling about.

For the initial 4-5 months, you may not have given much thought to baby-proofing your apartment. But the moment they hit the six-month milestone, expect their movements to increase and to see them crawling everywhere.

Crawling about the house can be fraught with danger, which can be anything from electrical to furniture-related; and something needs to be done about it. Here are some tips to make your apartment safe for your baby.


1. Inspect the apartment

One of the best ways to detect potential perils is to inspect the house from a baby’s eye level. Look around for sharp objects that stand out, such as rusty nails, exposed wires, dust, or other things you might not notice otherwise. Babies have a curious mind accompanied by a keen eye for things adults often miss. So, get down on all fours and look carefully for those potentially harmful things around the house.


2. Put away sharp/pointy objects

Babies can be very clumsy when they are still perfecting their standing or walking techniques. Sharp objects or table edges simply mean an injury waiting to happen. To keep the baby out of harm’s way, you might want to replace rectangular or square tables for round ones. You could also remove dangerous furniture from the baby’s play area. Of course, keep all knives, blades, and anything remotely sharp out of reach and out of sight.


3. Keep mosquitoes away

Keeping mosquitoes and other insects at bay is an important step to baby-proofing the house. Mosquitoes, in particular, are deadly disease carriers and a bite can be very bad for your baby’s developing immunity. Keep your little one safe with a good mosquito repellent such as Goodknight Gold Flash System that can be plugged into any outlet and drive mosquitoes away. It’s perfectly safe for your baby.


4. Cover electrical outlets

Most apartments will have electrical outlets that are within a baby’s reach. This is a hazard, so cover them up; block their access and prevent your infant from going near them. If you’d rather not block them, there are plenty of baby-proofing options you can purchase.


5. Rearrange plants 

Kids and dirt are often inseparable. A potted plant is a perfect opportunity for your baby to turn your home into a muddy playground. So, move all potted plants from the floor or within reach of a baby and put them in a separate room to avoid having to deal with the aftermath of your baby playing with or eating dirt.


When your child is growing, it is natural for them to go into exploration mode, new as they are to the world. As a parent, you can prevent them from coming to harm by incorporating these basic safety checks in your apartment and allowing them unhindered play.

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