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Mommy September 5, 2018

5 Ways to set up your newborn’s room

The birth of a baby is cause for celebration. But the occasion also heralds many changes that must be made to accommodate the newest member of your family. One of the biggest challenges is to set up a room/space for the baby. This is an important step as your child will be in this space for the better part of two years (or more). You’ll need to ensure that the space has the right amenities and materials to guarantee a fun, safe environment for your baby.

Here are five useful tips to bear in mind while setting up your newborn’s room:

1. Natural cleaners:

A lot of cleaning will be required during the first couple of years with your baby. Standard cleaners come with a lot of chemicals that are harmful to babies. Hence, keeping your baby away from these chemicals is priority’. Ensure that only natural/baby-safe cleaners are used to clean your home, at least for the first year.


2. Air purifier:

Nothing is safer for a baby than its mother’s womb. And while her first few breaths are in the sterile environment of a hospital, the outside world is not as clean. This is why an air purifier is highly recommended; it will ensure that germs and harmful substances are filtered from the air your baby breathes. Considering most infections occur via airborne transmission, an air purifier is a good investment.


3. Non-toxic paint:

All parents wish to start their baby’s journey with good cheer. For this reason, most of them paint the baby’s room in bright colors and some add murals and caricatures on the walls to make it more appealing. As beneficial as this is for your baby’s mental development, care must be taken to use only paints that are baby-friendly. All major paint companies have such options which, although more expensive, are infinitely preferable. You could also use wall decals (stickers).


4. Protection from mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes are virtually everywhere and are carriers of diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya, which can often be fatal for babies. To counter this threat, the Goodknight Gold Flash System. can be kept on throughout the day to ensure a mosquito-free room, while Goodnight Patches keep the area around your newborn free from mosquitoes for up to eight hours. Both options are completely baby-friendly.


5. Waste disposal:

Babies generate many a dirty diaper and require the use of baby wipes, etc. Maintain a dedicated disposal system that caters exclusively to your baby’s waste and waste products, and ensure that the room remains fresh, clean, and germ-free.

It is obvious that the care, concern, and love you have for your newborn will be unwavering. And these simple tips will ensure that you welcome your baby to a house and a space that is absolutely safe for them.

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