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Mommy Zone October 15, 2018

7 Things you must buy for your baby

The task of shopping for your little one doesn’t need to be daunting. In this article, you will find a list of things that you should buy for your baby.
So add these to your list and tick away:-

  1. Clothing – Dressing a toddler is both easy and hard. It can be quite challenging when a child won’t sit still and begins squirming around when you’re halfway through. It’s best to opt for loose-fitting, comfortable clothes that can easily be put on and taken off. Choose press-on buttons over the traditional. Most importantly, look for clothes that are durable. They will need to withstand all the exploration activities your little one indulges in and the subsequent washing that ensues.
  1. Mealtime essentials – To make mealtime more manageable for the both of you, make use of accessories like a highchair, specially designed plates with separate compartments to fill with different foods to make a meal look appealing- a sipper for water or juice (particularly one with a lid to prevent spillage), toddler-friendly spoons and forks to help your baby gain motor control, and yes, bibs – an extremely vital part of mealtime with kids.
  1. Sleep time necessities – Sleeping is an integral part of a toddler’s routine. Firstly, make surethey are comfortable while proper amounts of sleep. To ensure this,you’ll need to get a good mattress/bedding for the cot that’s well suited for your baby. Some items that you should have are soft fitted bed sheets, a soft blanket and a comfortable pillow that shapes properly around your child’s delicate head.
  1. Bathing and grooming – A clean baby is a happy baby. A few essentials will ensure that your baby is always smelling and feeling fresh – Pediatrician recommended baby soap, shampoo, oil, lotion, towels, baby nail clippers, soft hair brushes, toothbrush, comb, cloth diapers (if you choose those) etc. must be on every baby shopping list. Try to stick to one product which works well for your little one rather than constantly switching between the lot. It might not be the very first brand you choose, however.
  1. Travel gear – It’s important to be prepared at all times with travel gear that your baby needs. Things like a stroller with a sun-guard, a portable crib/ playpen, car seat, a baby carrier (maybe) and a diaper bag to carry all essentials in is another vital component to the list.
  1. Games/ Toys – What child doesn’t like games and toys? For babies and older, games are a fun way to keep them entertained. Things like a mobile for the crib, stuffed toys, musical toys, storybooks, colorful bricks,etc., are just some of the items that can become an educative experience for your child.
  1. Medicines and emergency items – The immune system of a baby is building and not yet very strong. Hence, always have pediatric-prescribed medicines and other emergency items readily available. Even things like Goodknight Patches, certified as baby safe, are always handy to ward off disease-spreading mosquitoes. They’re 100% natural and helps protect your baby from mosquito-borne illnesses. Stick them to their cots or prams for a mosquito-free environment for up to 8 hours.

So, keep this list handy when out shopping for your little one and you’ll be well prepared for anything.

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