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Mommy October 1, 2018

8 Things to Make Your Child’s 10th Birthday Memorable

Hate it or love it, your little munchkin will not be little forever. It is already a decade and you still think it is only yesterday your child was a toddler. We can bet you are more excited about their tenth birthday than they are. You’re thinking about the perfect birthday party, worrying about the food, the decoration, music, and the works.

Here are eight things you must tick off your checklist to make sure your child’s tenth birthday is a memorable one:

  1. First things first

Celebrations must begin right from the time they wake up. Thought of a theme for the day? Excellent! If you haven’t, let balloons come to your rescue. Have the ceiling of your kid’s room covered with balloons. Fill the bathtub with it. Get creative!

  1. Think of a theme for the party

A theme makes planning the rest of the party so much easier. Knights? Fairy tales? Animals? Wizards? Cartoons? Pirates? Think about what your kid loves most and surprise them.

  1. Don’t forget the venue

Your living room might not always be the best place to host the party. Besides, not every venue has to be pre-booked, if it is what you’re worried about. Kids love places like parks and backyards and terraces. If you have the time left to book a place, you have a number of options with arcades, movies, concerts, theme parks and restaurants.

  1. School day?

Don’t worry! Wrap their lunch in gift-wrapping paper instead of the usual foil or the boring brown paper bags. Side note – a tiny little card with a handwritten note in the lunch box will make your little one’s day.

  1. The big party

This is what the entire day’s preparations have been for. It doesn’t always have to be a grand party. Trust us, your child would care more about the fun than the number of people or how huge the party pad is. Play your kid’s favorite music, invite their friends and order the cake they love. We promise you’ll be good to go.

  1. Fun games 

Come up with fun activities to keep all the children at the party entertained. From Spin-the-Bottle, Sleeping Lions to Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs, the kids love them all.

Now that you’ve said goodbye to the last guest, it’s time to finally let your child open the gifts they’ve been dying to open throughout the party. Sit them down, and before they open the gifts, make sure they are thankful for all that they have received. Remember, birthdays shouldn’t just be about fun. They should also help your child reflect upon good values. If you can ensure this, you’ve already given your kid the gift perhaps very, very few of us receive in a single lifetime.

Yes, someday when your ten-year-olds are all grown up, they would love to see throwback pictures of a messy venue, of them sitting in a pile of torn wrapping paper, dizzy with happiness.

A tenth birthday is no ordinary one. The hard work that you put into making it memorable for your child will surely pay off. For many, many more perfect birthday parties to come, you need to ensure your little one stays happy and healthy for every birthday. Here’s when we wish you would ensure that your kid is under the protection of Goodknight Neem Agarbatti wherever they are. Keep them safe from the many harmful diseases like malaria and dengue that mosquito bites can cause.

After all, when you sing the birthday song loud to your child, you wish them a happy long life. Turn that wish into a reality.

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