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Mommy September 6, 2018

Attending a wedding with your child? Here’s what you need to know

Wedding celebrations are fantastic opportunities that bring relatives and friends together from all over the world. For a child, these events are a completely different experience. It’s a time when they can indulge in some wholesome fun with cousins and other family and friends.

But if you’re attending a wedding and it’s the first time for your little one, here are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure it’s a smooth experience for all concerned:

1. Be vigilant

Weddings, especially in India, are known to involve hundreds or even thousands of people at a time, to the point where it’s difficult to breathe or find a quiet corner. For a child who’s attending one for the first time, the sheer number of people around them is enough to be a source of discomfort. With such a milling crowd, it’s possible to lose sight of your child. Don’t let them out of sight unless you’re confident they’re with responsible relatives or with a group of children and there’s someone in charge.

2. Socialization is important

It can be challenging to keep tabs on various relatives who will be making the rounds, eager to see your child for the first time. It can get overwhelming; so ease your child into acknowledging these new faces. It’s important to keep her calm while so many people are coming by to say hi. Nonetheless, it’s also crucial for young children to socialize and build relationships, especially with people they might see often.

3. Make sure they’re comfortable

Kids would rather play than sit down and chat with aunts and uncles. At traditional Indian functions, ethnic wear can be a little restrictive in terms of movement and may not always be the best to play in. Make sure their clothes fit well and are comfortable for running around.

If you see something else making your child uneasy, deal with it immediately and put them at ease; do not leave their side if they continue showing signs of discomfort. Children can also feel nervous if they believe they’re not being paid attention to, especially in a crowd. While giving them space, it’s equally important to make your presence known from time to time.

4. Protection from germs

A large gathering of people is also a party for germs and disease carriers. Coupled with rich food that’s potentially unhealthy for a young child, you’re going to have your hands full looking after their health. Make sure they only eat food that has been vetted by you; this goes double for overzealous family members that will try to feed them tidbits. Your travel kit must always contain antiseptic wipes and a hand sanitizer.

5. Safeguard against mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are everywhere, and outdoor venues can be potential breeding grounds for these pests. Therefore, it is essential you keep these disease carriers away from your children with the all-natural Goodknight Fabric Roll-On. Four little dots on an article of clothing and your child can romp about completely safe from deadly mosquito bites for up to eight hours.

There are plenty of other things that could worry you when attending a wedding with children for the first time, but these are the most important. Don’t stress too much or you may end up preventing your kid from having fun. Remember, children take time getting accustomed to new things, and weddings are no exception. Be watchful but not overprotective, because in the latter case neither you nor they will have a good time!


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