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Mother's review on mosquito repellent
Mommy November 20, 2017

Best Mosquito Repellents In India: A Mother’s Review

This review was submitted to Goodknight by blogger Riddhi Sharma


As a mother of two super active and naughty kids, I always have to be on my toes to ensure that my kids remain healthy and protected from all kinds of flus and diseases. While seasonal changes are always a big headache, one thing that remains a constant worry throughout the year, 24×7 is the mosquito scare and how to keep my children safe from them.


Honestly, I have tried almost all the over the counter available mosquito repellents and read millions of mosquito repellent reviews, some of which were indeed helpful while others were blatant lies. After a long search and a few experiments later, I finally zeroed on one brand that had all my worries sorted – Goodknight. The best part about Goodknight is that you have a host of options to choose from depending upon your personal needs and choices.


Let’s start with the outdoors first, as our kids spend most of their daytime outside home, either in school or in the playground. Though Odomos has always been considered the go-to option when it comes to outdoor personal mosquito repellents, its strong smell has been a big deterrent for me while using it for my children, especially the younger one.


After reading about many mosquito repellents online, I found Goodknight’s Fabric Roll-On as the perfect choice for my family. It’s not just the best mosquito repellent in the market but is also 100 percent natural that makes it so popular with over-concerned mothers like me. Being paediatrician certified, I use it without any worry. Just 4 dots on your loved one’s clothes and you can be rest assured for 8 hours protection from all kinds of mosquitoes.


You also have the ‘Cool Gel’ product that can be applied directly on skin. The skin-friendly gel contains natural aloe vera and is pediatrician approved. For infants, I would personally recommend Goodknight Patches which is loaded with the goodness of natural oils. All these products have natural ingredients that make them a perfect choice for people who prefer a herbal mosquito repellent over cosmetic ones. Coming to indoors, you will be spoiled for choices and I confess, I have quite a few of them. While chemical sprays prove to be effective mosquito killers, they can be harmful for elderly people and kids. So I prefer Goodknight Xpress System for my living room and Goodknight Gold Flash System for bedrooms.


So, what ever be your choice of mosquito repellent, Goodknight is every mother’s trusted partner to keep her family safe from mosquitoes and diseases. It’s always Goodknight for my loved ones!


Apart from these, I have also used electric bats to get rid of mosquitoes – though it works great, I don’t prefer them as it is a lot of effort during the times of heavy infestation. But one thing I must say about these bats is that they are immensely satisfying to use. My husband uses them even now when we run out of our liquid vaporizers.


The great thing about Goodknight is that the entire portfolio of products is available online, making it convenient to buy.


I think the neon light based electric fly/mosquito killer would work great too, but it is not advisable for home usage – as they are bulky and expensive.

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