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Mommy September 24, 2018

By a Child Psychologist – How does it help if you talk, touch, and sing to a baby in the womb?

Motherhood is a lifelong journey of unconditional love for your baby. Starting from the day you discover you’re pregnant till the baby is out of your womb, every minute has its own story. Although the initial months of pregnancy can be very stressful, as the baby inside grows the bond becomes stronger and you feel more like a mom-to-be. This feeling is spectacular and only a mother can enjoy it.

Also, when a baby is inside a mother’s womb, she is their only link to the external environment. So, a mother becomes a baby’s carrier of thoughts and feelings.

It has been observed that babies become receptive to the mother and her surroundings from the second trimester onward. Also, it has been proven by recent research that a baby in the womb can feel and reciprocate their feelings through various hand and body movements. Babies can feel their mother’s love through her touch and recognize her voice even before birth.1

In fact, a study has proved that constantly hearing a mother’s voice can boost the development of a baby’s brain.2 That’s why pregnant women are advised to touch their bellies and talk frequently to their babies. It not only strengthens the mother-baby bond but also helps in the proper growth and development of the child.

With that in mind, here are some activities you can do to connect with your baby:

1. Sing: Sing lullabies or songs to your baby to feel their movement in the womb.


2. Read stories out loud: Reading simple and short stories for your baby will help him/ her recognize your voice.


3. Talk about everything: Talking to your baby will make it feel connected to you and your thoughts.


4. Massage your tummy: Massaging your tummy will make the baby feel your touch and it will reciprocate the feeling through some movement in the womb.


5. Gently touch your tummy: You can also simply touch your tummy with affection and this love will reach your baby in no time. You will get love back as the baby returns the gesture. This is commonly referred to by mothers as ‘kicking of the baby when touched through the abdomen’.


6. Play soft music: As music relaxes our body and mind, it can also relax the baby.


7. Use lightly scented candles: A room scented with herbal oils and scented candles can relax the mother and this will, in turn, relax the baby too.


 8. Use Goodknight Neem Agarbatti: As mosquitoes are a big concern in our country, it is important to keep them away by using products such as Goodknight Neem Agarbatti . This is a safe and effective way to protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases. In fact, you can continue to use this even after the birth of your child to keep mosquitoes away.


All these activities will make your baby feel connected to you and your environment. It has been observed that such babies tend to show more affection to their mothers and are generally quicker learners.

So, if you are pregnant, do make it a point to interact with your unborn child and feel the pleasure of their movements in the womb.

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