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Mommy September 24, 2018

By a Doctor – How to strike a balance between your pregnancy and your career

Pregnancy is perhaps the most cherished phase of a woman’s life. The anxiousness is obvious, but the wait is worth it for the sheer joy of holding your baby. This is also a new beginning that requires special attention and preparation, especially so for young women trying to juggle a career and pregnancy.

For working women who wish to continue with their jobs after delivery, here are some tips that can help you find a balance:

1. Register with a healthcare center: Multiple checkups are necessary during a pregnancy, so registering at the nearest healthcare center keeps your complete pregnancy details on file in case of emergencies where immediate action is required.


2. Plan your maternity leave: Plan your maternity leave so it gives you some time before your delivery and after. The days before delivery can get quite exhausting, which will make it very difficult to concentrate on work. Take at least 1-2 weeks off before delivery to help your body prepare for the next step.


3. Stick to a routine: Try to put in place a routine during your pregnancy that should be followed even after delivery. Don’t forget to keep some time for yourself and some just for the baby. Sticking to a routine will give you ample time for everything so you can manage to care for your child as well as work efficiently.


4. Consolidate your finances: The arrival of a baby is going to increase your expenses. Thus, financial planning is a must for every couple planning a family.


5. Leverage work-from-home opportunities: Most companies take care of their employees and have policies that allow pregnant women to work from home. This is ideal for the last few weeks of your pregnancy, just before taking your maternity leave. This also works with companies that allow it even after your baby is born, for a period of time.


6. Prevent mosquito-borne diseases: Mosquitoes spread diseases like Zika (and Dengue, Malaria etc.) which can cause birth defects. So, keeping them away is extremely important during your pregnancy. Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is an effective solution to stay mosquito-free. It’s safe for moms-to-be; just four dots on your clothes are enough to keep these pests away for up to eight hours.


Here are a couple of things to keep in mind after your baby is born:

  • Prioritize the baby: Not that this needs to be stated but bringing a new life into this world is a major responsibility. As long as that life is dependent on you, it warrants your complete and undivided attention.
  • Hire a nanny: Irrespective of your capabilities at multitasking, it’s not easy to manage a baby while working. If you can afford it, employ a nanny who can help you with the baby and household chores. Also, seek help from your partner and family when required.

Plan your pregnancy well and remember to always stay positive. These simple tips will also help you ensure a good balance between your pregnancy and your career.

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