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Mommy September 18, 2018

By a Doctor – Things to consider when buying a baby product

As exciting as purchasing stuff for the baby can be for new parents, it can also prove to be a challenging experience. From diapers and changing mats to feeding bottles and baby wipes, every product has some nuance to it that you need to look out for.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying something for your little one:


1. Certification : Look for products with ISI certification; this is proof that the product has passed rigorous testing and is safe for your child. You can find this certification on everything from playpens to strollers, and it is generally visible on the product packaging.

Keep in mind that how you assemble these products plays a big part in their structural integrity. Read the instruction manual carefully or look up YouTube videos. Make sure that the product is sturdy enough for your baby to use — poorly assembled products tend to malfunction and can cause injuries.


2. Age-appropriateness : Certain products are designed for specific age groups and aid the development of the baby in different ways. For instance, a playpen is intended to help develop motor skills while rubber toys are appropriate when the child is teething. So, make sure you get the right product at the right time.


3. Functionality : You don’t really need to buy every baby product that you see advertised. Certain products are not designed for the development or care of the baby, but rather for the convenience of the parents. Products such as baby carriers can be indispensable in a household where both parents are working. However, in houses with a parent who’s free to take care of the baby, you can give this a pass. Only invest in products that you really need.


4. Fit : Every baby is born a little different. The weight of a baby at birth can range from 2.5 to 4 kilos. Hence, it’s important to pick products that are a right fit. When it comes to clothes, this tip can be ignored since it’s better to get clothes that are a little larger. However, when buying things like diapers, playpens, and baby carriers, one should get them in a size that’s as close to perfect as possible to ensure comfort and safety.


5. Quality : Don’t buy products with small detachable parts or sharp edges or points. They can easily end up in a baby’s mouth and cause a lot of trouble. Only buy products from reputable brands as they are typically well-built and go through a lot of testing to comply with safety standards. Cheap knock-off toys found on the street can contain lead-based paint, which is harmful to your child.


6. Non-toxicity : You will want to ensure your child is safe from disease-carrying insects such as mosquitoes. A bug spray may be effective, but is it safe for the baby? Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is an ideal choice as it is made from natural ingredients. Four drops on a baby’s clothes are enough to keep mosquitoes away. The same goes for Goodknight Patches, which can be applied to articles around the child to ensure the area remains mosquito-free for eight hours.


These are some things to watch out for when buying products for your baby. In case you have the slightest doubt, do check with a pediatrician first, since nothing matters more than the safety of your child.


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