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Mommy Zone September 5, 2018

By a Pediatrician – Reasons why your baby is not gaining weight and how you can tackle it

Weight gain is an important indicator of an infant’s health. Optimum weight gain is considered to be a sign of a well-nourished baby, whereas poor weight gain or no weight gain often means malnourishment. The latter is a sign that the child isn’t growing well and this can often be cause for concern.

A baby is suspected to be malnourished if their weight gain deviates significantly from the normal growth pattern between more than two visits to the physician. Although poor weight gain is a common problem among many babies, it should not be ignored as a minor issue. A malnourished child requires plenty of attention and weight management to gradually show signs of proper growth and development

The reasons for poor or no weight gain could include the following:

1. Inadequate intake of calories:

This is often the most common reason for inadequate weight gain, but it is also a situation that can be managed easily. Your child’s calorie intake could be compromised due to several reasons – they may not be eating enough; they could be overactive and expending a lot of energy, or you may be unaware of her caloric needs. Fortunately, this problem can be managed with a little extra effort and knowledge. The key is to feed your child smaller meals at frequent intervals through the day.

2. Poor digestion:

There could be a problem with the digestive system of your baby that could be hampering the digestive process and inhibiting weight gain. If this seems likely, it’s best to consult your pediatrician immediately and seek appropriate treatment.

3.Poor sleep: 

Just like nutritious food, good sleep is crucial for the optimum growth and development of a baby. It has been observed that most babies are unable to sleep properly in unhygienic rooms or ones that have pests like mosquitoes.

You can easily keep disease-carrying mosquitoes at bay by using a repellent such as Goodknight Activ+ Liquid Vaporizer. All you need to do is plug it into a wall socket in the room for round-the-clock mosquito protection. There’s also Goodknight Fabric Roll-On – apply four drops of this to your child’s clothing and it will form an effective barrier against mosquitoes. You could also use Goodknight Patches on your child’s cribs and prams to create a mosquito-free zone for up to eight hours. The latter two products are great for the outdoors, and all three are extremely baby-friendly. As far as mosquito bites are concerned, prevention is far better than cure. So, prevent your child from getting bitten and give them a healthy environment to promote healthy weight gain.

4.Undiagnosed health problems:

There could be other unspecified reasons related to poor weight gain. In some cases, it has been clinically observed that babies with an undiagnosed health problem tend not to gain weight. This can be serious and warrants an immediate visit to a child specialist.

So, if you notice a constant reduction in weight (or no weight gain at all) over a period of time, it is important to consult your pediatrician and get your baby checked for any illness. If prompt action is taken, you can ensure that your baby regains health and happiness at the earliest.

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