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Mommy September 28, 2018

By an expert: Studying late at night or in the morning – which is more beneficial?

Studying is a very personal activity. Some can sit and study for 12 hours at a stretch, while others need a short break every half an hour. Some prefer to study with the aid of coffee or tea, while others prefer to study on a full stomach. Some like to study alone, whereas others prefer to study collectively as a group.

But if you ask people when they prefer to study, the line is split fifty-fifty between early morning and late night. So what’s the best time to study? The answer is simple: the time you find most suitable. Both have their advantages and issues; it depends on individual preference.

Let’s discuss the merits of each so you can make up your mind.

Studying in the morning

  • Naturally, the biggest advantage is that the brain is refreshed after a good night’s sleep and can assimilate information faster and with more efficiency.
  • The fact that sunrise occurs during a morning studier’s time ensures that they stay alert and can focus better due to the presence of natural light.
  • If a person likes to maintain a rigorous schedule this helps as a morning studier does not have to disrupt their sleep schedule to fit in time to study.
  • It’s easier to study with other people in the morning than at night. Those who like joint learning sessions should try and hold their study groups early in the morning.
  • Accessing libraries and school resources is easier for those who study in the mornings than those who study at night.

Studying at night

  • The greatest advantage is the absolute peace and quiet. Many study better when they are not subject to distractions, — even the slightest noise can break the flow. Studying at night becomes an advantage for these people.
  • During the day, a person gets easily distracted by whatever is going on around them. Moreover, they may be asked to help with household chores or be tempted to relax with friends or watch TV. These distractions are almost zero during the night.
  • Studying at night is advantageous for those who wish to engage in creative thinking while learning. Subjects that involve more creativity and less assimilation are said to be easier to study at night.
  • Studying at night has been known to improve the recall ability of a person.
  • Night studiers can extend the time of study to match the pattern of their studying. They do not suffer from restrictions of the day and are free to set aside more time to study.

From the above points, it will be clear that the time for studying depends on what attributes a student has and their personal preferences. What should remain constant during both study times is the practice of maintaining an optimum level of comfort. Use Goodknight Gold Flash System when your child is studying to keep mosquitoes at bay. These pests can not only distract the child but also spread deadly diseases such as malaria and dengue.

Don’t forget to keep a snack and a bottle of water handy!

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