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Mommy September 28, 2018

5 Ways to keep your child creatively busy during the summer vacation

Summer vacations can be relaxing for adults, but not necessarily for children – they usually need constant engagement to prevent boredom and restlessness. Healthy outlets for this energy ensure their mental and physical wellbeing. Vacations are a great opportunity for your child to engage in creative activities outside of school.

Here are some options to help your child make the best of their summer vacation:

  1. Summer camps: These days there are plenty of vacation camps to choose from, meant for different age groups, activities, and budgets. These camps are a great way to wean children off parents and teach them to be self-reliant. Summer camps also give kids an opportunity to interact with other kids, which improves their social skills and allows them to have fun learning new things.
  2. Creative art schools: There are many creative art schools that operate for a few weeks during the summer vacation. Unlike regular art and craft workshops, these schools aim to teach children the finer aspects of art. They could be given a professional education in creating art (painting, sculpting, contemporary dance, etc.). This could uncover hidden talents and maybe even lead to a potential vocation for them in future.
  3. Doing chores: There’s no better way to teach children responsibility and duty than by making them do chores. During school term kids tend to be burdened with academic and extracurricular activities, so it isn’t really fair to ask them to help out with household chores as well. But during the vacation, it’s an inexpensive and practical way to put their free time to good use. They could even ‘earn’ their way through the summer by getting paid (in cash or kind) for helping around the home.
  4. Sports activities: Should your child show an inclination towards a sport, you could enroll them in a sports camp to help channel their energies and learn to focus. Camps for cricket, football, hockey, etc. are extremely popular and there are trained coaches to teach children the importance of staying healthy and being a team player.
  5. Taking up a hobby: It’s always a good idea for children to take up a hobby during the long vacation. It will help build new skills while they enjoy themselves. From painting on paper or glass to learning a new language to building models of vehicles or ships, these activities can be fun for both you and your little one.

It is imperative to utilize vacation time to its fullest while also ensuring your child’s health by monitoring their nutrition and making sure proper precautions are taken while they participate in outdoor activities (such as by ensuring hydration, using sunscreen, etc.,).

Mosquitoes, in particular, are a big problem, especially during the summer. They carry diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya and one bite is all it takes. However, by plugging in Goodknight Gold Flash System when your child is indoors, you can keep the room free of mosquitoes all day. Alternatively, just four drops of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On applied to their clothes when they step outside the house will keep mosquitoes away for up to eight hours.

Keep these things in mind and your child will not only have a fulfilling vacation but a productive one as well!

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