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Mommy Zone October 1, 2018

Drinks to Serve Your Child After School

School can be as tiring and draining for children just as work for adults. And just like us, children need to get their energy levels replenished quickly. Give the beverages available in the market that is full of sugar and harmful preservatives and ingredients that are not very likely to be of much help. Aerated drinks can result in childhood obesity and also lower metabolic rates.

Here are some healthy alternatives you can offer your child when they return from school.

  1. Chaas: Chaas, or salted buttermilk, is a great way to replenish your children’s energy while quenching their thirst. To make a glass of chaas, you will need some curd, water, and a little salt. You can add a little zing to it by adding coriander, chaat masala, ground cumin and some chili. Take care to not add too much curd or the drink will become too thick.
  1. Nimbu Paani: Nimbu paani, or lemonade is a refreshing beverage that you can offer your child. It is a great way to restore electrolytes in the body while lemon’s natural fat-reducing properties will aid your child to digest any fatty or sugary substance they might have consumed. Add a little chaat masala to make the drink appealing to children.
  1. Fresh Lime Soda: Another take on the classic nimbu paani, this drink is a mix of lime extract (not lemon) and soda (not water). The result is an extremely tasty beverage. Fresh lime soda can be had sweet, salted or both. The drink also aids in digestion.
  1. Milk: Sometimes all your child requires after a tiring day at school is a simple glass of milk. If your child is averse to drinking plain milk, you can add chocolate powder, Bournvita, honey, etc., to the milk and make a very healthy drink for your child. Children need large amounts of calcium in their diet, and milk is a natural source.
  1. Rooh Afza: Tired of your child clamoring for a sugary drink? Try Rooh Afza instead. This concentrate mixes well with water or milk and results in a rose-flavored concoction that goes really easy on the stomach and is tasty too. Take care not to add too much concentrate to water/milk to avoid giving your child too much sugar.
  1. Water: At the end of the day, the best option there is. Sometimes all you need to do is give your child a glass of chilled water. It is refreshing and has few substitutes.

School followed by tuitions and homework, your child deserves a well-earned rest by the end of the day. And nothing is worth a good night’s sleep. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin it. Mosquito bites are not just irritating but could prove to be dangerous too causing diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya among others. A Goodknight Power Activ+ System in the house is always a good idea that will keep the mosquitoes at bay and ensure a sound sleep for your family.

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