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Mommy October 15, 2018

Essential things to keep in your kid’s room ahead of the new academic session

Summer vacations are over and schools have reopened. It’s time to put away the toys and to open those books to get some serious learning done.

Children all over the country are starting their school routine again, and mothers need to know what essentials to have in kids’ rooms to make studies more enjoyable.

Here are some items that will prove indispensable this academic season:

  1. Study lamp: No, this is not for decoration. A table-mounted lamp is strictly meant to aid studying and is indispensable while doing homework. It will make children feel more mature and responsible. A study lamp should be bright, but not give out too much heat. They need to come with a protective cone that also functions as an excellent insulator for heat. Bright LED-based lamps will be apt as they fulfill all the above criteria.
  2. Posters: Posters are to children what wallpaper is to adults. It is a decoration that is also a serious statement. Posters help personalize a space for children, and it ensures they are more comfortable in their own space. When you’re buying posters, include one that is motivational. It will rub off on your child as they will be seeing it every day. You can get one of a famous person such as Einstein or Tagore, or your child’s favorite movie star, or singer. Have your child put them up on the wall any way they please.
  3. Bookshelf: Granted, today is more about the virtual than the real, but books are still important enough to merit a place in your child’s room. They can use the shelf for their school textbooks along with other reads that they enjoy. It may even spark a lifelong interest for the written word, and nothing can be better than that for a growing child. The rack could also function as a showcase for any awards and trophies your child wins for academic or sporting achievements.
  4. Sports corner: This could be a wall-hanging cupboard, a closet, or just a designated area in your child’s room to store all of their sporting equipment. Skates, rackets, bats, balls, footwear, can all go in here. This is important as you do not want the equipment lying around the house for unwary guests to trip over.
  5. Stationery: Remember the excitement you felt about being gifted your first geometry box? Children today are much the same. Buying them stationery for school and personal use is an excellent way to encourage children to get serious with studies and extracurricular activities.
  6. Safety kit: Children in India need to be safeguarded against more than the odd cut or bruise. They also need to be protected against the dreaded mosquito. Nothing dents a good school year as much as contracting a serious mosquito-borne disease such as malaria, dengue, or chikungunya.

So keep the new Goodknight Neem Agarbatti plugged in to always keep your child’s room mosquito-free, and when going outdoors, use the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on your child’s clothes to ensure protection. Both are absolutely safe for long-term use.

A healthy child is a happy child, and a happy child is more productive and ambitious. Make sure you prepare well in advance for the new school session so that your kid has a head start.

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